Corporate skill plans: Alpha/Omega?

If I create a corporate skill plan with Omega restricted skills in it, what happens when an Alpha character tries to use the plan? Do I need to make separate alpha and omega skill plans?

It will not allow you to train those skills as an alpha.

Will it let them train the rest of the skill plan though? Or will it lock up and give an error? Will it make them buy the skill book?

It will not allow you to train them. If its in the middle of training, it will pause until you remove them from the queue.

You can buy the skillbooks but iirc you cant inject or train as an alpha.

If you are above 5 mil sp and revert to an alpha, you cant train any more skills, and will have to use injectors.

Above 20 mil sp you cant train any skills even with injectors

I don’t think that’s true. It’s just that all Alpha skills amount to around 20 mil SP so if you have that, there aren’t any more skills to use an alpha injector for. On the other hand, you could have some Omega only skills on your account and then unsub and inject some Alpha skills while being above 20 mil SP in total.

Just checked and i was mistaken.

Currently an alpha with 180m sp and bought an alpha injector and injected sp into an alpha skill.

You can also save up those unallocated skill points from the alpha injectors, while you’re on alpha status, in between Omega subs. Saves you potentially billions of ISK.

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