Corps need to update keep their in-game comms up to date

There is quite a bit of info in in-game communications such as bulletin boards, bios, and chat channels that is dangerously out of date. Many players spend their time reading in-game bios and such routinely. Unfortunately, there are a lot of poorly run organizations out there that do not update their info for years and expose players to security issues because of their carelessness.

One particular issue that I have spent many hours fixing on countless, in-games comms, wiki pages, and third party apps is using https. https offers great improvements in security and speed for most users over http. Networking is complicated and in most cases, links have to be updated manually for all users to take advantage of improvements. Though it doesn’t seem like a critical security issue, in many countries ISP’s and hotspot providers also inject ads and use tracking on page requests using http. It is past the time that we migrate to modern internet standards.

Something should be done about the proliferation of these security risks. CCP should force these lazy groups to maintain safe and secure information where it is published in-game. There are far too many slackers.

For example, there is a channel for a group of low skill hisec PvP’ers in the channel “Why was I Ganked?” Even though this is a group with social infrastructure and countless F1 line members, multiple old links in the MOTD load slowly and get filled with ads for Walmart when I’m sitting down drinking my morning Mocha Tesora. CCP should release guidelines mandated the use of https when possible and slowly block or add warnings for links that use plain http. The average player should be safe and secure at all times.

I am guessing that some Corporations communication channels are off limit to miners.


Chat channels are maintained by the owners of the channel (generally the first person who created it).

If you find a channel with dangerous links and the owner/moderators of the channel are unresponsive, the GM team can intervene, please contact them via

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