Corpses applied to ships

as we now can get implant drops from pods after 17 years :slight_smile: is it time for corpses to be used as hull decoration of our ships. I suspect it is time, why should the reavers have all the fun. we should be able to charge into battle wearing the corpses of our victims ( maybe they could drop ?)


Mad Max movies here we come :sunglasses: +5


I fully support and endorse this suggestion!



We should also be allowed to decorate upwell structures with corpses -like heads on pikes.


Meanwhile in the backwoods of the Amarr Empire, Sansha starship designers say “hold our beers”


I’m disappointed.
I expected a thread about a request to tie corpses to the hull of our ships like a trophy buck.

that is what this thread is about

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Learn to read.

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If I could get ship skins covering my ship in anime images, I’d definitely want to put my collection of Jin’taan corpses on as hull decorations when flying around in Providence.

Jin’taan has left Provi block quite a while ago.

You all just want to slap a corpse to your hull like some decal of Calvin pissing on something.

I want something tastefully displayed.

Savagery vs art.

I am aware. The meme is still here.

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