Corvettes - When (patch notes?) did they gain a PropMod and (separately) lose the Trit?

Apologies, my Google-Fu must be lacking…

I am looking for the dates (and ideally corresponding patch notes line-items, if available) for when player-spawned Corvettes changed their composition.

Based on my observations, I believe the change to add a 1MN Civilian Afterburner to a newly spawned Corvette was around “Inception” (2016/11/15)… but I can’t find confirmation, and if it was a Day-1 change or after player feedback related to ALPHA gameplay.

  • Note: this should also be when Rookie Ships formally became called “Corvettes”

There was another change to remove the 1x Tritanium from a newly spawned Corvette. My observations are few/far-between during this period, but I would not be surprised if it occurred around the time of “Invasion” (2019/05/28) as part of the “Board My Corvette” Feature change, give or take a few months. :frowning:

Again, these are best guesses, and I would greatly appreciate any corroboration of my dates and/or if anyone can point me to some (official?) reference data.

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Knic o7

When I started playing at the end of 2016 they already had prop mod. They were still called rookie ships.

The removal of tritanium came when they were renamed to corvettes (because weak players couldn’t handle they are rookies which this ship type reminded them). Don’t know when it was but at least 2 years later. That rework came also with the button to get it in any station and also citadel (which killed the market with them, some players were hauling them to the ganking systems with no station like Niarja for small profit lol). Before that change, rookie ships were automatically gained when docking a station (but not citadel) in capsule.

Thank you @Vokan_Narkar for the confirmation regarding late 2016 having prop-mod.

My web-research indicates that the “Ascension” patch notes refers to ‘Corvette’, as well as an INN article dated the same day as release (2016/11/15) which makes a remark:

You spawn in space in a rookie ship (apparently called a training corvette) and …

… And I very likely continued to call them “rookie ships” for another year out of habit. But I believe a single Trit was still present in Nov 2016.

And I do remember the station/structure difference and the “board my corvette” changing all that. I just can’t remember if the Trit had already been removed by then. :person_shrugging:

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Knic o7

In 2017 it was already called Corvette and got one Trit in Cargo. Not sure, I think the Trit was still in there 2020.
At least in 2021 they didn’t any more: Suggested Idea: Docking fees - #12 by Astelon_Bheskagor
That’s the first mention of the button in the station (May 2019):

Happy browsing: Patch Notes | EVE Online

Thank you, @Pierre_de_Bricassart I will adjust my search windows.

This is like playing that “Lower”/“Higher” Game… haha :smiley:

Knic o7

Not all Rookie/Corvettes are equal :smiley:

I’m off to do someting Stupid with it :slight_smile:

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