My most used "new feature" since my return from 2018: Board my Corvette

Thank you for this. I keep a cheap 5MN MWD and a couple ot t1 stabs in my cargo in some of my ships so I can board my corvette and scout ahead in solo situations.

I thought it was kinda silly at first, but I now use it religiously.

I think there was a way to get a noobship before the option but I remember it being kinda clunky.


A few years ago they buffed the Corvettes. The name “Corvettes” itself is a new name to give them more respecc from “Rookie Ship”. Granted, they aren’t used as much since the Cyno 2.0 patch rolled out when their presence would strike fear into the hearts of lowseccers, but they still have their uses :wink:

I actually had my pod pilots board their corvettes on a dessie roam after they died. I have them tech 1 hobs and tech 1 blasters from cargo and they contributed around 30% of the damage on an Ikitursa and a dual rep Cyclone. Also gave them t1 Ewar.

They can be quite strong and keep a roam going. At the end of the roam we were all in corvettes and killed a Kiki. They actually brought a dictor, 4 Ospreys and 12 shield BNI’s to get rid of us lol.

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