Could CCP add new regions of k-space?

Yeah, that should go over well. :roll_eyes:

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Excellent idea, but wouldn’t the Imperium miss Delve when It’s gone? :wink::bear:


If not literally removed, perhaps underused space might be invaded, occupied, and increasingly fortified by Triglavians who aren’t removed in a timely fashion.

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Not a bad idea with the Trigs taking over unused systems. Specifically with null, instead of removing or adding space I’d prefer to see a mechanic where if a system has next to no activity after a set amount of time ownership starts to decay type thing, a use it or lose scenario.

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So just listened to a Talking in Stations episode (close to the end) where it’s hypothesized Triglavians taking systems for longer term may be a future thing.

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Nice, fly home tonight so will have to watch the last couple episodes and check it out. If it shakes things up or even allows some others to potentially get a foothold out in null I’m all for it.


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until enough people whine about it.

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ccp introduced project discovery, so I see no reason why people frown on adding new systems to eve? after all project discovery is the search for new worlds :stuck_out_tongue:

ccp also introduced drifter and these new things so new systems should be the logical inclusion also. it would make for a novel update as apposed to new skins or purdy graphics for a change . just think a upgrade that actually included something new, be still my beating heart lol

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Nice idea, definitely would help immersion and make Eve space a lot more realistic.

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What would it change?

Agreed, but those new null sec should be open to only small entities

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how would you restrict it? even if its restricted on numbers a large block could send a group of experienced pilots to secure the area.

just 1 more thing that you would have to sneak around or be in a big power bloc in order to enjoy


having recently decided to go site seeing I flew from amarr in hi sec all the way to new eden and met little to no resistance on my there.

there are definitely less people/accounts active now than when I played the game 2-3 years ago. so I don’t see the point in expanding the known universe.

A single sample proves nothing.
Besides, I made the same trip before they added WH Space and didn’t see anyone either.

As well, trying to force player engagement by limiting space isn’t the best thing for a game. Meaningful game play is far better.

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I support anything that creates more empty stretches of space.

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Are you saying that adding MOAR SKYNS isn’t meaningful gameplay? :upside_down_face:

Yea, more spatial real estate with additional elements of space to explore would likely engage more folks than another set of skins to try to squeeze more dollars/plex out of players.

Personally, I wouldn’t want some Artist attempting to design or code some meaningful game play.

For the art department, creating SKINS is fine because it does breath some new life to existing Hulls.

To be honest, I think the game and the player base is at a point where anything CCP does to change anything will piss a portion of the player base off either by ignoring their most important concerns or changing something that has facilitated their edge-case game play they have been doing since before time even thought about starting.

If they add new null sec regions, those should be restricted to corps and alliances without capitals and super caps. A bit of the idea that CCP Rise mentioned in the AMA

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