Could i see my ship more often?

i change ships often while try to fight on different FW sites – comet/catalyst/catalyst NI/alkos.

All modules look same, You dnt know which type of guns on ship now – rails or blasters 'cos modules look absolutely same while loaded.More than that – as i said before you even don’t know which ship you are flying because all that you see are same modules and point in center of tactical view.

For exampe:

Comet amd Catalyst NI. Completely different ships. How many differences you can see here?

or may be like this?

needs to be optional as that looks so stuiped

Your Comet has two guns, four low slots.
Your Catalyst Navy Issue has 6 guns, three low slots.

The Catalyst also has a lot more capacitor than a frigate.

Sure, counting the amount of guns when they’re grouped isn’t easily visible, but you should be able to easily tell the difference between the ships at a glance based on low slots alone, if they’re two fits you often use.

If I ever undock one of my remote repairing cruisers, without knowing which of the ships I undocked (lol) I can also easily tell which ship I fly based on modules alone.

Shield tank? Caldari/Minmatar
Remote capacitor transfers? Caldari/Amarr
Four repairers instead of three? T2

Remote cap transfer shield tank with 4 repairers? That’s a Basilisk.

Sure, I don’t expect people to recognise all ship fits based on module layout alone.

But these are ship fits you made, these are your ships. If you somehow manage to not look which ship you activate (lol) before you undock it, the it shouldn’t be hard to recognise the module layout.

… or just rightclick the capacitor and click info.

To me ‘knowing which ship you fly’ sounds like you’re looking for an excuse to have a big picture of your ship on screen.

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Again, how could you NOT know what ship you’re currently flying? YOU are the one that docked and got into it. That would be like leaving a store, going to the parking lot, and not remembering which vehicle you drove there five minutes ago…

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Or, you know, simply zoom in on your ship and right back out. Takes 2 seconds…

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look, you play your game. i play mine, why you trying to convince me that in your game I will be better?

For me modules are not enough. Could i ask devs to change somthing for me not for you?

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