Could just any of you big bros tell me

Will the Rogue Swarm event get an date to end?
If it will, Could anyone give me an answer. When will that date be?

The main event part is over (Arms race, free Battlecruisers and Battleships for points etc) but the Rogue Swarm Nests are going to continue spawning and will remain for the Yoiul festival (which starts on 20th December). There will be another main Agency event for Yoiul.

Actual end date, not sure, but as above the swarms / events are going to be around until at least the New Year.

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The Rogue Swarm sites are expected to span the Arms Race and Yoiul festival events. They will probably end on January 9.

I see it‘s somekind of mosaic for CCP that keeps things out of what people supposed. They are very glad to split passions on that and doing well so far
Thanks my lady you had relieved my confusion and the only thing I wanna make sure is the event will go on and keep lasting in the rest day of 2017 AD, is it?

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I see, but what’s the point that shows it probably ends at that day?

Quote from CCP Dragon in December 2017 Arms Race Release – General Feedback thread

thanks, You showed us a reliable point as also what people usually wants

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