Count the ways to engage in Hi/Losec without loosing security status?

Point me there. Does it go something like this?:

at war
successful bait
duel accepted
security status below -5
terrible standing

Bounty and Terrible standing don’t mean anything as far as being able to legally engage someone.

At the same time, successful bait is the same as being suspect or baiting someone else to be suspect.

So being able to engage without losing security status is:

  1. Other player criminal
  2. Other player suspect
  3. Other player outlaw (sec status <-5.0)
  4. Other player is a war target
  5. Duel accepted
  6. Have a limited engagement with other player


You have active Kill Rights on the Pilot or Someone has made them publicly available.

How would this player with a publicly available Kill Right show up on your screen?

Overview can be configured that way to show players with public killrights. But it’s not a new class, as activating a killright does nothing more as making the target suspect for the usual 15min.

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As a side note: PVP in low sec tends to just little by little low your sec status. Unless you podkill. Shooting pods is a fairly rapid way to deep negative sec status.

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