Couple Questions

I have a couple questions about a new character. What exactly are the rules now for alphas? In terms of SP caps? I read I can get to 5.5m SP but then I also read somewhere something about 20 million SP. I’ve never subbed with this account/character so what can I expect? I am planning on playing in FW and maybe a little bit of relic hacking.

Speaking of FW that would be my other question: How long do I have to wait with a brand new character to join FW? Is it seven days still?

Thanks in advance.

Your cap is 5 mil sp to train up to from scratch all the skills available to alphas now sum up to 20 mil sp to go from 5 to 20 you need to sub or buy injectors.If you reach that 20 mil sp you can use it all still as alpha to get access to even more you’ll need to sub

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As long as you join a corp that is in a FW, i dont think theres a minimum day limit.

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