Is the Alpha cap a hard cap?

Just wondered if I can apply SP I earn on the spree once I hit 5mil… I’m sure the answer is no, but I thought I’d ask. Begin the flaming, I have my vitriol proof Speedo on so it won’t hurt my feelings.

Hard cap is 20 mil SP. 5 mil is “soft cap”. After that you won’t be gaining SP with time. You need to use skill injectors or mentioned free SP events to be able to obtain new skills as alpha, past 5 mil SP.

Oh, thank goodness! Thanks Sordina! I won’t be doing any fancy injectors, but it’s good to know I can finish off some skills that were abandoned due to changing Newbro priorities. Cheers!

No flaming, but a suggestion: if you enjoy the game enough to hit the hard cap, consider subscribing to Omega. Also, hitting the 20 million SP hard cap is subjectively a waste of time: you’ll be severely limited in what you can train, to what degree (level), and you’ll be training for ships from all four races - thus not focusing your training time to actually be good at something.

Ie: an Omega character trained specifically to fly a battleship with level 4 missions in mind will be much more effective at 5-6 million SP than a character sporting 20 million SP spread all over.

If you focus, you can have a decent character in less time. Have fun.

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I was asking for my nephews alpha. I help out with his dailies. I’ve been omega since day 1. Love this game, love the community. :slight_smile:

As someone already said there is a 5mil cap for automatic SP accumulation (skill queue).

Other than that there is no hard cap on SP directly as an alpha. What’s actually capped is some skill levels or whole skills you can not use as an alpha (you can see in your character sheet what you have access too or not). If you max all those skills then you will be around 20mil SP and that is why some describe this as a “hard cap” but there is no real “hard cap”.

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There will eventually come a time where you will go Omega going by the fact that you seem to enjoy the game. The sooner the better

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