🌟 [COURIER SERVICE] "Moonfire Service Provider" connects you to JITA!

Все на высоте, спасибо!


great delivery service

Just got my two Jita to Curse packages delivered in under an hour after contract creation.
I’m still in shock.
Best service ever !

thanks for the fast service :slight_smile:

great delivery service
very fast

Отличный сервис, быстрая доставка. Адекватный прайс.
Однозначно Большое спасибо и жирный + в карму. Спасибо newmayer что посоветовал вас)

Excellent service, fast delivery. Adequate price.
Definitely Thank you very much and bold + to karma. Thank you newmayer for recommending you)

Great and quick service!

HI Used your service for the first time the other day, Fast delivery to Null from Jita with no problems
Many thanks
Valarent / Gaverie

my best recommendations of this service to get smth quickly

Just started using Moonfire. couldn’t ask for a better group to deal with. 10/10

Good service, adequate pricing, rather fast delivery, great choice of destinations, no real reason not to use it if you can’t haul something big from one place to another.

Used service for the first time, cargo is delivered safe into the Curse region. Thanks a lot to the mr. Moonfire!

Just used for MSP for the first time and was very impressed with their service. Good communication, tools, reasonable rates, and blazing fast delivery.

Great service speedy and safe

Спасибо за выполненный контракт!
Сложность задачи преодолена благодаря вашему профессионализму.
Moonfire Service - лучшие!

There is nothing more pleasant than working with professionals.

Fantastic service, quick, affordable and easy to use website

Thanks for your effort


Fast, professional and safe. I like.

Great service, very quick!