🌟 [COURIER SERVICE] "Moonfire Service Provider" connects you to JITA!

Шикарный сервис! Заказал 240 000 кубов. Доставили на следующий день! Желаю процветания!

I recommend an affordable, very fast transportation network.

Хочу порекомендовать этого перевозчика как надежного и ответственного. Никаких проблем не было за уже более чем десяток перевозок. Огромное спасибо!

You guys have made moving my corp to nullsec! Appreciate you guys. I recommend this service to anyone


Wouldn’t wanna play without you!

So far the service is true, they do provide safe transport of your goods wherever you need them. Got all my stuff that I needed transported safely to null sec. The price was great and the time it took was decent. I would definitely use their service again to get goods back and forth without fear of loss and risk. Great business idea!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Все быстро, и без потерь

it is the best and the fastest and the most affordable

Moonfire Service is the best…He even moved a Jump Freighter that was loaded for me…


Moonfire is a really good service, its quick and affordable which is good. Amazing work keep it up :slight_smile:

Excellent service :heart:

I would like to thank Moonfire Service Provider for their excellent service, in less than a day, courier contract accepted and delivered, easily highly recommend them to anyone who needs a fast, reliable, affordable service,

thanks again for your excellent service.

I have used this service more than once and it has always been efficient and on time.

Excelent job guys, I came back to EVE after 14 years and guys brought my stuff from deep 0.0 to hisec so I can start again with stuff i had before :slight_smile: Very fast realization. Thanks a lot!!!