Covert T3 jump effect

So not going to lie this is a really little thing that has been bugging me for a while. I don’t know if it can be done considering how old the code is but basically either

A. change ship jump effects to be based on what they used to jump rather than the ship (ideal)

B. change the effect of T3s with the covert subsystem to the covert effect


As long as my deemer can keep its sexy blue covert jump effect, I’m happy. Best SFX in the game, right there. I have to force myself to remember I just jumped a multi-billion isk paper mache battleship into an active grid, and I should probably stop watching the lights and start aligning out.

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i’m assuming you mean GFX lol. but the best was the old bridge effect before they turned it into the watered down coolaid.

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SFX, GFX, same diff to me. Regardless… I love the current covert jump effect. I love the sound it makes. Instant hard-on for some pewpew when it happens.

but that’s what i was wondering the SFX is the exact same for all jump drives it’s only the GFX that is different.

but no the idea is not to remove the effect of covert jump drives just to make consistency between the technologies used

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