CPP how much longer will you keep ignoring the growing Cloaky exploitation?

When I started playing Eve I was told: the greater the risk, the greater the reward. And if you play it safe, don’t expect to get big rewards. Whenever something came up that defied this basic concept of Eve CCP fixed it (mostly). But one thing has been constantly ignored over the years and in the meantime has grown to a real plague: paid cloaky harassers.

I am not talking about the generic cloaky guy in 0 space, we all know these, we all don’t like these, but that’s ok. I am talking about people who get paid to professionally harass other corps/alliances and exploit the cloaky mechanic to do so to minimize risk while maximizing income. Just to give you an example: we currently have one guy in our space that is running 30 accounts simultaneously and plays them multi-boxed. He has a bomber in all our systems and several Black Ops to bridge them wherever they are needed. As soon as you fly anywhere alone, you can be sure to have a bomber up your ass a second later. He never attacks if there is any risk involved, but he kills everything that moves if he can.

This guy is getting paid several billions per day to do this, so if he looses a few bombers he really doesn’t care at all, he just jumps in new ones. So effectively he is hanging out in 0 space, does PvP a lot, and makes billions and billions, at barely any risk at all.

The main problem is that CCP has neglected over and over again to implement any form of counter vs cloaky campers. So he can choose when to fight and when not to (and with 30 accounts he has total system surveillance), and there is nothing we can do about it. Even if we manage to bait and actually kill a few of his ships, he makes more ISK per day than we could ever bait away from him. I am not going further into the general cloaky camper problem here, as everyone knows them, but simply ask one question dedicated to CCP:

When will you finally stop the risk vs. reward exploitation that professional cloaky harassers currently are?

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