Crash to Win10 blue screen

I have been playing (and paying for) Eve Online for around 8 months on an 8 year old HP I3 laptop with integrated graphics. I had many issues and Eve support basically said we don’t support that as its below our min requirements and you are on your own. With some tweaks I made it work on my own. Now I have a 2019 Ryzen 5 laptop with Vega 8 integrated GPU and I can not leave the dock without sound and graphic issues, and then crashing to a Win 10 blue screen? And as I fill out a ticket, am I to assume I will get no support from the devs, even if there is a workaround? Anyone able to play with these specs? or do I turn everything to low as I did with an 8 year old I3 :frowning:

Sounds like a chip or memory chip is overheating, thus your blue screen.

EVE Online is not very suited for laptops and laptops are not very suited for pc games except the old minesweeper or solitaire.

Why would you send a ticket in for something they cannot help you with? I play on an old Asus ROG laptop from 2009, with Windows 7 on it, and I can run it with all the features turned to med/high. Your problem is not their problem. Stop buying machines with integrated graphics, especially when you know you will be playing games. So yeah…turn the settings down.

That’s not even close to true. My 2009 Win7 laptop rocks this game on med/high and most other games no problem.

The AMD Ryzen APU’s should have no problem running Eve. I ran with a Ryzen 5 2400G desktop for several months with no issues - high settings work with a single monitor - I needed to reduce a couple of settings to medium with dual monitors.

I recommend stress testing the machine (Prime95 or similar) to see if you have a cooling issue.

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Not very suited for games except solitaire and minesweeper, wow. We aren’t discussing your grandpas laptop and windows 95. This a lower to mid-range laptop in 2020 and if that’s all the suggestions you can come up with, keep it to yourself in the future.

Thanks for responding, I did download a temp monitoring program and running Eve does not hardly push the temps. I am able to run it without the sound cutting in and out and crashing by turning everything to low or off in graphics and will slowly ramp up until I see temps rising too high or issues rearing their ugly heads again lol. Thx again. o7

Well, support should help you out since you meet minimum specs now. And, your laptop should have no problems. I have like an 8 year laptop with an AMD APU that can run Eve with good settings.

Regardless, what is the error code on the BSOD? That might give us a clue.

Also, if you do get this problem sorted, please come back and tell us how you fixed it. Hopefully, it will help the next guy who runs into the same problem.

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