Create an ingame HotKey modifier, specific to the active ship

I haven’t dove into hotkey making for my character as of yet. I can see that if I create hotkeys I will have to setup my ship in the outfit window exactly to match my hotkeys, ie: have my data scanner in the same slot for every ship build.
My idea is to have an ingame hotkey editor mode. In the mode you could click on all kinds of things and set hotkeys on the fly. I think it would need two different “save.files” one for ship hotkeys like weopons and scanners. you could have the hotkeys saved to the ship you are using and have different hotkeys mapped for all of your ships. Also have a another save file that stays with the character, so things like lock target, or travel to home could be set and also adjusted on the fly. So when you enter a system you can quickly hotkey an escape location from either the locations folder or the overview. Or have an escape hotkey that you can set changes to often as you fly to different spaces. Anyway this is just a thought from a new player who doesn’t understand the mechanics of the game but I feel that having a quick way to hotkey each ship and keep those settings ship specific would be very valuable. Thanks and have a good day,

So if you had an overlay hotkey editing mode, you could mouse over an item slot, once highlighted you could press a key such as 1 and the hotkey would be added to that ship. Then you could make hotkey map available to all ships of that type, Heron etc.

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