Create own 'warping points' in a system? And jump fatigue

1. Is it possible to create my own way point/warping point within a solar system so that if I need a ‘safe haven’ I can warp to it instead of warping to a celestial/structure etc. If it’s possible, how do I achieve this?

2. I have heard of Jump Fatigue, but have yet to encounter it. Even after about 12-20 jumps. Roughly, what is jump fatigue? But moreover, approximately how many jumps could a fresh character make before the adverse effects of fatigue set in?

Thank you for your help.

  1. Yes, those are called “Safe Spots”. You can make bookmarks while in warp, so the easiest way to make them is to warp between two things and make a bookmark somewhere in between. Of course, someone who warps between the same two celestials might see you, so you can make bookmarks between different celestials, then bookmarks between bookmarks. If you search for “safe spot” on youtube, or go on the E-Uni page, you can find more info.

  2. Jump fatigue is something you incur while using jump portals, which are opened by some specific ships (look at which require the “Jump Drive Operation” skill. It is not something you encounter from gates. Once again, the E-Uni page has pretty good info on that.

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1: you can create bookmarks, while in warp. So if you warp between 2 celestials, you can drop a bookmark midway, and be more than 4AU from anything. (this is a good idea. all sites are within 4 AU of celestials. or at least they used to be. I don’t think this has changed)

To expand on that, if you create a bookmark that way, you can then warp to another point from it, and bookmark on that trip. creating a bookmark that’s not on the route between any 2 celestials.

2: until you use jump drives (Capital ships and black ops battleships only) or jump portals (opened by titans, jump bridges, or blops bs) you won’t run into jump fatigue.

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If you run a mission you can also bookmark the mission site location if you want.
By luck it can be more than 14.3 AU away from any celestials in that system so out of enemy player’s D-scan range.
You complete the mission, the wrecks and objects disappear but your safe spot remains there.
It is not as instant and easy to make as the warp between A-B and B-C celestials for 1 and 2 bookmarks then warp between the 1-2 bookmarks to make a random safe spot in that A-B-C triangle, but mission site bookmarking is also a way to make a safe spot.


Some good information thus far… let me see if I can flesh it out a bit:

1a) Yes, it is possible. They are called "Safe Spots."
While in warp you can right click in space and select create bookmark. if this option doesn’t show, go to the People and Places menu on the option bar (on your left) > Places tab > Bookmark.
Note that it makes thing easier to open this menu up before entering warp.

A few things to note though:

  • Don’t view Safe Spots as truly “safe.” There are some players who specialize in finding others using ships with certain equipment (see: Expanded Probe Launcher loaded with Combat Probes).
    This goes doubly so if you are in a system with a 0.4 or lower security rating (see: Low-sec, Null-sec, and Wormhole space).
  • Always be in motion (preferably with a microwarpdrive if you can fit it) and “bounce” to another Safe Spot as often as you reasonably can (preferably a Safe Spot that is a few tens of AU away)


2a) Jump Fatigue is something you won’t have to deal with unless you are using…

  • Jump Bridges (null-sec structure only… think player made stargate that uses fuel)
  • Capital ships with their own built-in Jump Drive (same idea as a jump bridge, but jumps the whole ship to a “beacon” that is lit by another player in a destination system)
  • Titan and Black-ops jump bridges (cross between a Jump Bridge and Capital Jump Drive… Titans and Black-ops can open a portal to a “beacon” in a destination system).

So what is Jump Fatigue exactly?
It is effectively 2 “timers” that come up after using/doing the aforementioned things.
The first timer will put in place a hard "you cannot perform a jump move of any kind for the next X minutes."
The second timer is much longer than the first and acts as a multiplier of the first timer (if you perform another “jump” while the second timer is up.

(Note: The reason for such a contrived mechanic is to prevent super fast travel of large amounts of “power” across the map. Large organizations became scary good at creating networks to do just this… effectively crushing anyone who happened to be on their scope with minimal effort).

I should also note that Jump fatigue has NOTHING to do with Stargates. Travel between gates is unrestricted (mechanically at least).


Wow, thank you all for the great info/responses. Truly helps out! And I very much appreciate the detail.

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