Criminal vs law enforcement?

I can’t see any body thinking that some pirates are anyone’s freedom fighter , terrorist then maybe

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Maybe they are fighting to liberate people from their belongings, material attachments that hold their spirits back from being free… might even do that to their bodies as well to release them from their bounds so they can achieve true freedom. These pirates are fighting for the freedom of others, people who they encounter, not even their own, while putting themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of others… pure selfless acts I would say. :wink: :innocent:


Alright… missions… IF running against opposing “invading” navy (faction loss). Still doing some good for your faction.

If you are also running missions against your own navy, yeah, you deserve to die and be podded by your navy when entering their space.

But yes, I was specific about pirates. You just think you are too clever to read and quote the full sentense where I specifically speak about pirate.

“NPC killed are pirates with bounty on them”

Woah, calm down, this is just a game!

Dang ! Talk about taking things out of context !!!
Talking about the character here, are your crazy or it is on purpose ?

Now you are mental health shaming me? Wtf.

Alright… I’d say you are playing the victim on purpose.
Is it good ?

Nah you werent.

NPC killed are sometimes not.

You replied to Karak’s post. He was not specific. You assuming he was doesnt mean that mission runners (carebears) kill Navy pilots who arent Pirates.

But if it makes you feel better, Ill just lie and say “yes, carebear kill naughty pirate, this (somehow) make galaxy better”.

There, does that salve your little feelies?

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But if I talk specifically about pirates, which I was doing here, is that my intent was focus on pirates

Yeah shes a bit tender, best not hurt her feelings much more or she’ll need us to go to time out.

Apparently you can’t see that people will often consider only their enemies as the bad guys even when they and their allies are doing exactly the same bad things. Still, that is what happens.

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But don’t you have to think like that to fight , boost morale and drum up support, even sing songs and write poetry , even build monuments and temples to great victories, all to ease our conscience to the horrors we do, I know that’s more about real life but its still with in eve too

I think you are thinking about this too much.


In story line missions you literally butcher people of other empires, and no matter if it is pirates or empire forces, those are all ships with thousands of people on board, in case of pirate ships probably not all voluntarily.

In stark contrast, if a capsuleer dies, no one actually dies, because they can control all systems from the capsule without a crew on board and is actually immortal.

The empires could not care less if we kill each other, or even cheer if we kill the capsuleers that go after regular folks like them.

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The day when Null is allowed to burn High is the one day I will cheer for the Nullsacks

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Don’t let size hold you back, even a mouse can beat a lion by getting stuck in it’s throat.