Criminals and gank failures

What on earth made your brain go there?!

Besides, I hate breeders.

Filthy creatures.

This part of the forum is C&P , I do go to other parts of the forum but here it’s about crime and the other topic we talk about is punishment , if we stray far from this someone gets it locked but the funny thing is most people who open c&p kind of get the hint about what to talk about .

Take a look at the subjects available, some you might not find so boring.


It isn’t your main tho. So why you lying? It isn’t forum bushido. You’re just a coward :smiley:

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How were you able to quote the part where I explained this, and then fail to comprehend it?

I’m starting to think you’re not serious. Are you a small boy?

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So you have more than one main?

Hm. We’re gonna set aside the problematic fact that you’re fixated on small boys for a second while we focus on how you’re scared to post with your main :smiley:

But uh when we consider what we set aside, no wonder you don’t post with your main. I mean you are most likely definitely what rhymes with meadow huh?

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The one thing you can be sure of on these forums is that most of the people giving ‘advice’ to miners have never actually spent any great deal of time mining.

For example…the whole ‘align’ thing is a complete and utter myth. It is categorically not true. You won’t go zooming off to a station or gate ANY faster from a passive align. I know…as I have tried it 1000 times, and the people giving this ‘advice’ clearly haven’t. They just perpetuate the myth over and over…and often even refuse to accept that it is a myth.

Anyone that has said you do, is wrong.

Aligned for warp is 75% of max speed and within 5% rotation to the point of warp.

There is no other “aligned” from a warp perspective (but there is from a jump perspective).

Mining aligned is absolutely possible, but you have to change align regularly, so it’s a huge PITA and most miners prefer to sit still like deer in a headlight.


You already got destroyed on this tack several threads ago. People already explained how to do it, including me. You realize aligning is an important skill for any activity right?

Its not a myth. You’re just bad at EVE :smiley:


You are talking nonsense. It is a myth. There are no end of Youtube vids and other sources clearly stating and even demonstrating that passive align is a myth.

You clearly need to ‘learn to Eve’.

Who is saying passive align? There is no such thing.

Mine aligned - that is very possible; and if you don’t want to be a deer in headlights loser*, then mining aligned is a valid way to help manage the risk of being ganked.

Too many miners just want a lazy, easy, stay still and mine within a couple of jumps of a trade hub life style and then cry when they lose a ship.

They can mine lazily if they mine in quiet systems, but moving is too much trouble. They want it all served up on a platter for them with no responsibility and all reward.

* I mine sitting still like a deer in the headlights loser, so no reflection on anyone that doesn’t also include me

As opposed to people who…er…sit there lazily for hours at gate camps and have the incredibly hard task of hitting ‘scan cargo’…7 seconds of action…and 6 billion more ‘reward’ than any miner gets. Yeah…tell me all about irresponsible laziness.

As opposed to nothing. Go kill them?

If miners are easy to kill because they are lazy, then go take care of the gate campers the same way if they are lazy?

Kill them all. No one is a protected species.


You realize you can align very easily right? LOL.

“Passive” aligning is very simple. Higgs would like a word ROFL.

Oh? So go break up the gate camp. Also gate camping is far from passive, esp in low. Considering another group can drop on you, watching local and d-scan is crucial.

Just like miners should :smiley:

I guarantee she is gonna bring up the Tristan she lost in low sec now.


I have often seen gankers and ganker shrills talking about being aligned, but if you do this in nullsec and lowsec your driver on warping is of course someone entering local. Which is different to the decision you would make in hisec because there are a lot of non-threats entering local. So it is very difficult to make a decision on what is a threat of not. Still if you pick a Catalyst incoming you have to make your mind up now whether he is coming in to get his SP fix for the day. Again gankers never think about nuances, they are straight in on you are bad because…, it is dumb.

I have in the past mined in lowsec and nullsec, and have mined in WH’s too, and if you are doing this you set up BM’s to be aligned to them at 75% speed while applying your mining lasers, I would skirt the bottom or top of the belts, but it is imperfect. I was doing this ninja style rather than with any protection, and in truth the best ships are the Prospect and the Endurance, I like them very much.

The issue is that you have to watch carefully for getting out of range of the roid and end the cycle and target another. It is a pain to do.

With the decision making process being different, is why I mine with a Skiff because with that they have to bring in a fair number of gankers and that enables me to start aligning as soon as they enter local. Of course picking a belt that is some distance from the gates and stations is part of that process, but that is not always possible. In Khafis I had such a belt and I used that one first.

A lot of what gankers and ganker shrills say is merely victim blaming to deflect from poor balancing by CCP. But it looks like CCP is going to adjust the tanks of the paper thin four to something better, though better in the eyes of CCP is often meaningless…

You seem salty.

LOL wut. See, its this kinda stuff that makes me think that you are secretly setting peeps up to fail. Why would you stick around with a cata on grid? Ain’t no one belt ratting in HS with a cata ROFL.

Or the truth. She and you have been shown to be terrible PvPers and players ROFL.

The key word here is victim. People claim victimhood themselves. You and your ilk push these lies on them and get them to embrace it. And then they die. In reality, you gank them long before Aiko and crew do. You gank their souls. Tell me which is worse?

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’ Excuse me, my good sir, you wouldn’t happen to be a gate camper…would you ?’

I pass people sitting at or near gates on a daily basis. Shall I zap all of them ?

Nah…I’m back at the same spot daily just for the fun of doing my PvE and sticking a finger up at the gate campers. I’ll name my ship ‘Swivel On It, Punk’ if it makes you feel better.