Criminals and gank failures

It’s not the number of ships , it’s the fact that we disrupted ganking for a short time , we got people to move on and they never became the next victim, you need to look at the bigger picture, undoubtedly there were victims later on that I can’t stop


Show me a thread that stays on the rails when it comes to anti-ganking and ganking . I’m sure all railway lines have sidedings.
But thxs for your nice little story, the smallest thing in eve can be exciting as hell why it’s happening to some .

I love showing new players or even old null vets a large gank in action .


I can list many actions Hazen has taken part in , a very good player and great to have on your side , even when faced with trouserless streamers .

Or the time one of us found 3 tornado’s with killrights on tether , sure it was him that bumped them off. The salt harvester from that alone was of the like Aiko has rarely seen.

(Maybe I should tell the stories of others heroic actions as many don’t use the forums , and I sometimes can see why)


I think Drac is jealous of you. Which is weird cause if he’d just undock and actually AG, he’d be useful.

See? This is all it really takes. The willingness to do something. According to a lot of posters here, you did the impossible and stopped a gank :smiley:

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You can stop one gank. But what about the gank before that he didn’t? How long does he sit in the belt protecting the Retriever until his buddy wakes up? It’s not a question whether you can or cannot. It’s how effective are those solitary successes? In the long run, they aren’t. Most players are stupid, and gankers will always win in the end.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode I think you should just stop trying to moderate these threads, there’s no point, it’s obviously going to continue and there’s no need to stress yourself out. Just let them go in circles forever, they seem content.


No circles here, just ganker fails which is the whole point.


I don’t care what they think of me, and it is best to make sure that they realise it, instead of continuing their off topic personal attack posts which derail threads with the intention of closing them down. Look how fast two of them called an ISD in.

I took issue with Scipio because he insulted another AG player in another thread without any knowledge what that other player has done, he is no arbitrator of who is a good AG or not, though as I said Githany is very good. So I just put him right, that is what I care about.

One of the reasons I like these gate camps is that the gankers start to feel their movements restricted and are more cautious. It is a war, where you have to impact them any which way you can, be it giving timely intel in Gank Intel that stops people jumping into them or actions like Githany’s detailed in the first post. What Githany and I want is people to stand up at times and do things, and timely accurate intel is so important.

Githany is doing a great job in developing a group, I am envious because I am not in the right TZ and have constraints to not be able to participate as much as I want to.

But these gate camps work, and if more people would set them up all over the place certain gankers would have a hard time as they were picked off one by one.


Ahhh, what?

I didn’t insult anyone. I watched his video where he commented on getting killmarks and suggested a way he could do that faster, since the gank in the video was still successful.

But I’d love to see what the insulting words are, because they doesn’t exist.

Regardless, the right thing to do would be to take issue in the other thread, as there wasn’t really a need at all to turn a post congratulating Githany into anything other than what it was. Now the thread is all off topic, for some imagined reason that has nothing to do with the post in the other thread at all.

So innocent…, misunderstood and hurt by it, a real victim indeed. :roll_of_toilet_paper:

I will take your word for it then, however debased that may be.

I repeat what I said, you have no real idea what a good AG is, that some AG will shoot them to get a killmail as recognition for their efforts is pretty meaningless, and yet gankers make such a fuss over it. Good luck to Hazen for getting a ship filled with killmarks.


When did I ever say I wanted to stop all ganks or even end ganking?

LOL you mistake me for an AG my friend.

All playstyles are valid, esp those you hate.

Cause Drac’s feelings got hurt :smiley:

I think you should, you don’t have to name them as such, unless they are happy to be mentioned directly. But stories of ganks prevented and their reaction to failing are what will encourage more people to start doing stuff.

There are some major issues in terms of opposing gankers. For my part it was not just suspect baiters and war deckers who were hurt by the changes to remote repping in hisec, but AG is seriously impacted by it as well as people who ally in on defensive war decs.

Without bumping it would be great to oppose the gankers at zero on the gate but this remote repping disaster of a decision has blocked that possibility, and add to that the situation of loot scooping and people just get disillusioned.

As I said I would love to see more people doing snap gate camps on the -10 gankers running around in Destroyers. Come on people, you can do it, it is fun and very doable!!


My first solo kill? Well you see I had been minding my own business as a newbie in 2005 hauling everything I owned through lowsec in a hauler when 2 ebil parates blew up everything I had.

Well we could not have that, could we? So I created an alt to fly a covops, trained to fly a Hawk and blew up 2 of their battleships.

Now I am these Pirates.


So I take it that you have no interest in doing these types of gate camps for -10 gankers?

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I do not stream and I definately do not stream without trousers :blush:

Don’t you remember when we tried to help a streamer he blocked nipple and called us what ever then stood up and as he walked off he had no trousers on , or was you not there

That was a funny day.

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