Crimson Harvest

FYI, if you have event tasks show up under the system information/route planner section of the hud, tasks will turn into a button when you complete them that will allow you to claim points.

Hopefully that made sense.

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Yeah it made sense. The only info I have showing in the top left of my screen is location and route. I keep all the other info icons closed and inactive due to not having the screen space to view it.

Guess I could try rearranging some of the UI stuff to have it open. Even so, it’s still an unnecessary click fest.

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CCP “we want time based player progression so players dont have to grind to excel”.

Also CCP “heres a limited event with low spawn rate and rewards locked behind a grindfest point system”.

Yeah, iirc, you automatically got your points as you earned them for the first event that had them. Players vociferously complained when they changed it, but they just kept on with it. I don’t know why, or what possible purpose it could serve, but it annoys me. It not only requires extra clicking, but it forces me to alter my hud layout so that I can click on the button.
No P2W

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I think the spawn rate of data sites has increased after yesterday’s downtime, as I can share memories of running through dozens of systems and not finding a single event data or combat site.

Rewards, however, are still hardly making the sites worth the time. Back in summer, rewards would be low in nullsec, so-so-ish in highsec, and high in lowsec, reflecting the chances of getting involved into “interaction with other players” while running the sites. In this event, however, I don’t see any difference between null/high/low rewards.

There are also scanning difficulty 4 event data sites, but their rewards aren’t better than those of the lvl3 ones


Thats false. The l4 data sites in derelik are great. Havent had less than 30mill from one of those and over 100mill is a regular occurance. When you compare that to the l3 sites where the bulk are in the 3-15mill range with the occassional “pay day can” its a signifcant increase.

As for the comments made on the spawn rates of the data sites. Im not seeing it. The data sites have been EVERYWHERE since the event started. I was setting up loops round high and low sec areas in a cov ops frigate and rarely got further than 7 or 8 stystems without having to dock up as my cargo was full. Now i have stuff everywhere that im going to have to pick uip at some point.

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I found 7 data sites in one system last night. It was great.

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Legally blind-guy here - could use some help. I’ve been through about 15-20 high-sec systems and haven’t found a single beacon. I’m told the Agency → Encounters → Crimson Harvest tab can help me locate systems with sites, but I’m just not seeing where on that tab I should look?

Any help would be appreciated - been searching for sites for a longgg time and this is getting really frustrating. (I have ‘All’ turns on in the overview just in case I was missing something.)


(I’m talking about the Crimson Gauntlet beacons that you don’t need to scan down.)

You can also see them listed as a combat anomaly in your probe window as a place you can immediately warp to. That’s where I find them - you don’t need to scan them down, they just appear in the list.

Depending on what systems you are travelling through and your timezone, you may simply be being out-competed. I’ve been finding that the competition in the 8-10 high-sec sites I’ve been going through is intense with almost nothing available (but heaps in the adjacent lowsecs) and lots of Rattlesnakes, Praxises and Lokis swarming the systems.

Okay, first things first, just to make absolutely sure we’re all on the same page - sites will only appear on the overview (as a beacon) once they’ve been warped to by someone. If you’re looking for a new site, you need to keep an eye on cosmic anomalies in the probe scanner window. Site names will either be “Tetrimon Base” or “Crimson Guantlet”.

Next, the spawn rates are slow enough that it really doesn’t take that much activity to deplete an area of sites. So, if you are finding jack crap along your route, you should consider switching routes to explore some other constellations. And do note that sites along your original route should be replenished within an hour or two (assuming that no one else runs them first).

Third, I like flying HAC’s with a Hyperspatial rig fit. They might not do as much damage as a battleship, but their increased application will help them shred frigs and destroyers. Besides, ships like the Deimos and the ikitursa can do some respectable numbers when brawling fit. Moreover, their faster travel times will mean less time looking for sites.

Ascendencies will also help with travel times if you can afford them. If not, consider one of the WS-6XX implants, which are available at a wide range of price points. So, the only real reason why you shouldn’t have one is if you need implant slot 6 for something else, like CPU or capacitor. I will also sometimes fit a nanofiber. I didn’t this time, however, as I decided to fit an ADCU to help guard against ganks instead.

Anyway, if you can’t fly a HAC yet, do what you can to improve the travel time of your battleship (i.e. fit a hyperspatial rig, WS-6XX implant, maybe a nanofiber or inertial stabilizer if you can afford giving up the low slot). And, of course, train Evasive Manuevering and Spaceship Command in order to improve your align times.

Fourth, use dotlan to plan out a few routes, and then store your waypoints in notepad. You don’t need to go into every system, as you can see site names up to one jump away through the combat anomalies tab of the agency. So, I like to plan my routes in such a way that I can see into the most systems by making the fewest number of jumps.

Finally, things will probably get better as an event goes on. I don’t know how many players are like me, but I can make a lot more money doing other stuff nowadays. So, I’ve been running event sites just for the unique skins, and then will go back to my normal activities. So, don’t get discouraged if pickings are slim on the first couple of days. Things should get better.

Alright, hope that helps. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Not my experience. I spent about 12 hours at this event scanning down in systems to find 2 sites. One in WH space, one in 0.5 space. That is active discouragement from bothering with future events. Flying an Astero with Tier 2 kit should be enough to find sites

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Gotta go to lowsec. Finding event sites in highsec is like looking for free parking in Manhattan.

Efficiency at scanning is a big part of this.
If you can scan before someone else does, or knowing to ingore a site as soons at becomes apparent that it’s no level 3 data sites saved me a good bunch of time.

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If you arent flying 5 Praxis and or a squad is backing up your bling fit Astero, theres no point in bothering with any of these events if they continue like this.

I’d like to disagree.

So would I but sadly exerience has proven different.

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