CSM 12 Summit 1: Minutes Discussion


(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #142

We can use the SOE arc to get a positive hit without the counter negative hit, but that’s about it.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #143

I would very much like to know the rational behind CCP’s decision for limited gains upon reaching 10.0 with anything, agent, corp of faction, given the sheer effort required to obtain it.

I have offered a few ideas as have others. From free repairs to more extravagant options.

CCP must have or rather have had a reason. it may have even been a good one.

(Jin'taan) #144

What is going to be traded on this Stock Exchange that isn’t already traded on the regular market? Corp shares are almost entirely used to simply keep control of a corp.

(Inaer) #145

Shares of course, and it’s that way because we don’t have the tools to make shares useful. Given the right tools they could become quite valuable, currently the problem is that there is no way to “trade” them, they can only be given.

(yellow parasol) #146

A stockmarket is a horrible idea.

Stockmarkets means ShareHolders, and ShareHolders means “self entitled, greedy, selfish assholes who demand reckless and relentless making of money, at any and all costs necessary”. yeah, no, no thanks. Stock markets also mean stress, and this is a game. CEOs would just keep quitting, because of the constant nagging of some random, selfish, greedy jerk who thinks his stupid shares entitle him to be a bitch.

(DrButterfly PHD) #147

Did @DeMichael_Crimson just like every single reply in this thread? Why???

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #148

Probably a Russian bot that’s confused and thinks the CSM Council actually have influence over some political matters somewhere…

(Nana Skalski) #149

You are confusing EVE forums with twitter and facebook. Here we have only Discobot, but also a spy.

(Inaer) #150

I don’t mean to keep championing the subject - either someone important will agree or they won’t but everything you just said could already be said about eve. Honestly I just don’t understand the resistance to this, I am not wrong that it would drain isk from the economy but as to how much I don’t know.

Your right in that this is a game, but it is also a unique game. As a sandbox it is not all pew pew in space, as there’s deeper concepts at play and I like to think that there’s more than one way to play and anyone who says otherwise is just lying. If you want a game that isn’t stressful then perhaps eve isn’t for you?

Introducing a stock market would create an entire new category of play for eve. And it doesn’t force anyone to do anything that doesn’t wish to. If a CEO wants to create a publicly traded corporation (like I do), then they do in fact create pressure on themselves or anyone the shareholders choose to replace them with to run a successful venture. Hell I would absolutely love to be in a corporation even as a member where the shareholders (and not necessarily the CEO) make decisions to drive dividends and thus stock prices up. There would also be less abandoned corps if they were public, a CEO who quits could be easily replaced. Shareholders could vote to create more shares to raise capital for the corp to grow and do things they would normally be blocked from doing. Then you have the trading aspects of an exchange - predicting that a corp might do well in the near future so buying lots of stock to sell later for a nice return.

There’s so much potential here and everyone seems a bit shortsighted. @Jin_taan thanks for not just ignoring me! I realise the subject is taboo, but that’s because I am not the first or the last who will ask for it.

(yellow parasol) #151

No, they’re not. they’re smart. they know that it just ends badly, because irl it also ends badly. the argument that it’s perfect for eve, because that’s how people are, simply does not stand. you have no idea what you are writing.

Just like the guy who thinks he has valid ideas for lowsec, without ever actually playing in lowsec. and of course the csm will be nice to you, he’s a politician. this idea is bad, no matter how many clueless people will think it’s a good idea.

I am not going to comment on this any further, so save your time replying. there’s better things to do. (you’ll still reply anyway, right?) rest assured that i have tens of thousands of words i can and will use against this, and i have the posting history to prove it.

have a nice day.

(DeMichael Crimson) #152

No, I didn’t ‘like’ every posted reply in this thread, most of the ones I gave a ‘like’ to was because I agreed with some part of their reply, others I gave a ‘like’ to just because they actually posted a reply.

You must be a noob player cuz I definitely don’t recognize your character name. Next time do a little bit of research first before posting because you couldn’t be more wrong even if you tried…

(Inaer) #153

Of course I’m going to reply, I brought up the idea genius.

Okay. Source?

That’s how people are? Since we both know your going to reply can you clarify what you think I wrote?

The irony is that the same logic your using against me is exactly what makes you unqualified to know what your talking about.

What exactly makes you qualified to say so?

This tells me everything I need to know about you. Trust me, didn’t care for your opinion anyway.

Your first reply was a bunch of jibber jabber about how people would act badly in eve, so well done. This time around you really didn’t argue anything of substance either. You really just reiterated how bad it is, if it’s bad then tell me actual reasons it’s bad or why you think it wont work for draining isk from the economy. I’m a pretty reasonable person but at least grant me the space to defend my suggestion.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #154

It was a joke based on the recent news about facebook bots, no offence intended. And I’ve been in game about four years, no idea if that classes me as a noob or not.

(DeMichael Crimson) #155

Ahhh, ok. Didn’t realize it was a joke, albeit poorly excuted. And just to clarify for anyone else, I am definitely not a bot.

So 4 years in-game huh? Yeah I wouldn’t classify you as a noob. Now how long have you been posting in the forums?


(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #156

the same 4 years, I like to be engaged with the game :slight_smile:

(Jeremiah Saken) #157

DMC is like:

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #158

I’m guessing that’s at a Trump rally? The crowd is YUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEE!!!11!!!

(Antei Thantonne) #159

From the minutes: “The topic of Tiericide was brought up, and the CSM encouraged CCP to proceed with completing it with all haste.”

Thank you. Please continue to press on this – completing module tiericide will make the whole topic of meta modules easier to explain to new players.

(Oreb Wing) #160

Off the top of my head, the most complained about things I can remember from new pilots joining militia.

*Got killed by a gate camp.
*Got ganked in militia highsec station
*Just joined. Now what?
*What is the best mission running fit?

New militia pilot experience is highly dependent on content creators. NPC navy being disregarded or bypassed with decoy exploit. Gate camps are real and negatively impact many pilots. New militia members get absolutely NOTHING in terms of information for FW. They could at least be given an updated overview or a link to one presented in a letter of introduction, much like when you join a player corporation. It should contain a color map with highlighted entry system names, description of victory points and how to gain them and also a list of respective militia stations which offer LP conversions. In my opinion, FW is one of the BEST places for new players to come in and learn, but it is severely blind-sided by having only a new chat bubble as the only indication they have started anything. Also, please offer a list of x3 of each t1 ship frigate available for that faction in the LP store for 10k LP. Having multiple ships will prepare them for the first loss and even encourage them to multi-fit. Also, please add the lowest tier ‘chip’ required for ship conversion of the t1 hull to navy in the LP store in exchange for the tags looted within a novice plex. Ten sounds like a nice number.

(CCP Logibro) #161

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