CSM 14 - The Voting is Now Open!

Good luck, everybody.


Mike Azariah do him for CSM



pretty sure the tension is from trying not to spray paint the underside on his desk :wink:

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Voted, good luck to all that entered into the running.

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Holy shitballs!!! I figured out how to vote as an alpha player!!


Become omega . Hehehe hehe


If we keep CSM, then members should be more spread out among Eve. Such as 1 CSM member per coalition or alliance if not in coalition. In-addition split between null/low/high/WH and perhaps a few other specified interests.

And you are correct. CSM, especially this last CSM has been more about self serving interests and not an actual Council for Stellar Management. More of a Council for MyAlliance Interests and benefits.

am I right?


Yeah, I’ve been trying to push for reform, but have mostly been getting push back from those calling for the dissolution of the CSM.

And yeah, I think we should have some sort of minimum number of seats for the various types of space. I know the players that live there don’t all have the same playstyle and interests, but it would definitely be a step in the right direction.


Hey, it’s Brisc!

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Have the votes been counted ? Oops, results are the 22nd! I’ll wait. :smiley:

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