CSM 14 - Week 15 Update

Here’s is an update on the CSM:


16 link views and no comments in 13 hours…

What, if anything, does that mean, Dunk?

No idea. Perhaps…

  1. People are busy
  2. A kaiju has eaten them all
  3. My post is so perfect, no commentary is needed

No idea. Perhaps…

  1. People are busy


Yeah, I know, it is blowing everyone’s mind that we (I for one) have things to do and a day of the week only has 24 hours and the older you become, the faster the clock runs and days go by fast.

So thank you Dunk for the time you have spent of keeping us in the loop as far as your NDA allows you to.

I take it CCP desperately needs to introduce a triglavian dread and allow only this one in highsec and to go siege without isotopes - because they are triglavian and can do anything they want hahahahahaha…

So no balance for the future then :frowning:

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I’m not really seeing anythingof value in there,
which I couldn’t call propaganda.

Except for the bees.
Man, that’s awesome!
■■■■ dogs and cats, bees are important for everyone!

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