CSM 15: PJHustle - Don't be fooled, Retention is key not attraction


In the begining

My time in eve started like many others, I came to the game back in 2006 looking for something to fill the hole when Star wars Galaxies online change so dramatically it killed off the player base. A few of my real life friends tried this space game before and started to like the unique challenges it presented them, this was of cause EVE Online. I wasn’t as convinced as they was, needless to say I couldn’t figure out how to play the dam game. I chained Trial account after Trial account trying to understand what I was supposed to do in this world. Before I had realised a whole year had passed and I thought I know what to do.

in 2007 I made my first account within a year I had accumulated several more accounts and mined away in high sec building mining ships to help gather the materials quicker. Sitting in my Rohk mining away talking with the people around me on the voice system that was in the chat channels. The group failed and so did the community I was part of seeing the end of my eve career for ever…

I came back like many players, “This game will not beat me again” I joined another group who was sat out in nullsec renting a system from a larger alliance. I didn’t come back to eve for the game alone, I cam back because I remember that within this game there are strong bonds formed between those we fly with, those we build castles with. I quickly got hooked again growing my knowledge of the game once more. I woke up wanting to lead my own group, I wanted to be a catalyst for a community so I venture out into the wide world of corp leadership and created FAYN Industries I am now the leader of a 150+ players who are renters and the main reason this corporation has stood the test and grown the our size is commitment by the leadership.

Why CSM15?

There have been some dramatic changes recently within the game and they have had dramatic effects more so to the more casual players and my community. I have not been able to pin point a viewpoint that matches my community or playstyle within the previous CSM. There have been some great CSM who communicate the conversation they hold with players from within my area of the game but I feel that someone with this as their life in the game is needed at the tables of discussions instead of just an avenue to courier comments or conversations.

We may not make headlines, we certainly do not hit records but we are the steady day-to-day players who have a little unheard often unspoken voice about our game within this sandbox. I am not aiming to change peoples minds about renters nor am I trying to come into the CSM with any expectations that I can change something. I wish to be part of the CSM to be a voice, to be an under represented player base. If we want longevity in the game we need to look in all areas of the sandbox and that does include those players who are in a renting situation.

Why PJHustle?

As stated above I am a committed player who builds communities and tries hard at the tasks presented at me, I always will seek to go the extra mile. I am fortunate enough to have my own business that would allow me to divert some of my free time towards the needs of the CSM. Meetings and communicating is just second nature to me but the main reason I think I would be suitable for a place on the CSM is not because I am regular to meetings and official lines of communications it is because I am committed to my position. I have extensive knowledge in the day to day running of a corporation inside the game and the unique manner in which you have to side step and squeeze your way through the management windows and mechanics to get what you need.

It asks me to list my areas of expertise and this is where I fall, I haven’t any areas I would consider as expertise but I am very competent in many areas from managing projects and time line, communicating with a wide team along different mediums. I understand the game at a high calibre. Expertise isn’t a word I would use for any of the essential traits I hold for this post I feel that would indicate I have peaked within those disciplines or skills and there are always room for improvements.

What do you get with PJHustle

If I make it on the council you will get a solid, committed and knowledgeable player, you will get a solid and committed person in general. I am reliable, honest hardworking, I see this role as an employment and the people who play this game my employer, not just those who vote for me but the entire player base. I will listen, ask and understand both the players wishes and desires along with the wishes and plans of CCP making sure that where I can both parties are able to understand what the other is hoping for.

You may not know me now, you may not have an opinion but you have a voice, and that voice can be heard. I am wanting to inspire those who have complaints about the game into speaking up, I wish for all concerns to be raised and answered I want our community to continue.

Focus points

Some of the areas where I would love to work in should I get onto the council are listed below, they are just some ideas I would like to explore and are not all or the only areas that need to be discussed.

  • Local in null needs to be addressed again, Blackout had a good direction but the implementation was wrong.
  • Cloaking, this is an OP module especially on Supers and titans taking them out of harms way too easily and too quickly
  • Superclass vessel, Lets have a week or a month where the Triglavians disrupt the warp signatures of extra large vessel disabling them from using their jump drives or something. Are the super and titans forces preventing people from trying to take on other entities?
  • Rorquals, many are no longer in use from recent changes but we are just ending the last of the moon pulls with ore, are we going to still have whales to hunt? limit the scalability of the Rrorqual not it’s functionality.
  • The AT was an amazing part of EVE and for me an area that kept eve modern and progressive. We need EVE as an eSport and this is the way to do it. If not using devs to manage it on their own time outsource it to the amazing eve community to help!
  • Wardecs, Are better in one aspect but worse in others. I think there are still some easy pain points we can address with these and i am still in early understanding of what this is but it is clear there are many people to help guide this mechanic into a healthy place.
  • Player meet support. Get more nerds meeting nerds in real life. This changes your gaming experience in New eden and makes people stick around. Get more people knowing what is out there
  • NPE, this is in a great place from yesteryear but there is low hanging fruit here to take. Introducing people into groups or showing them how to find them is a solid way to get those 600 a day new players into meaningful interactions early.

And whatever happens this year I hope to see you when we start the eve meets again, for now look how weird I smile when sandwiched between two of the biggest names in EVE

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PJ is my boy - was happy to have FAYN support during my CSM 13 run, and I hope I’m #2 on their ballot this time! I think PJ has what it takes to be a good CSM member.


Thank you for the support you are always going to get huge support from our guys and gals, not from anything but your own work ethic during the CSM 13 campaign


Welcome to the race, PJ


Thank you, I am ready for the challenge and workload

PJHustle is an honestly fantastic guy to be around, both in-game and out. Even though I rarely engage in PvE anymore, I can trust PJ to represent the PvE’ers and industrialists he aims to represent, especially those who play on a more casual basis. PJ is very knowledgeable in his field, and I wish him the best of luck in his campaign. +1


Man thanks so much for the positive words, I really appreciate it

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PJ, you’re on my ballot.

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Thanks man we keep growing these targets for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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:stuck_out_tongue: Well, I’ve already had to expand and cut my ballot list six different times with revisions as people answer questions. It becomes pretty apparent who has a clue and who doesn’t, and you’re a community-focused candidate and I’d say we can use a bunch of those right now.

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You got my support !

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Well we have had a recent spike in players due to RL situations lets try to keep hold of some of them

Thank you for your support! I suppose I should get a campaign video out…

ill support you

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First time posting. This is exactly what I am trying to get, more players to interact with the community and what happens outside of the client. Thank you

PJ is a great guy. He may be a INIT Renter, but the only thing that affects honestly is who he makes T-shirts for. Those INIT t-shirts are amazing.


Met him at a lot of the UK meetups, great guy, really cares about the community.


You’re dam right

What is this game without the community… Thanks for the kind words

Good luck PJ, now I have 2 candidates to vote for. Might be a coin flip :confused: