CSM and CCP, stop screwing us over

(Nuuri Naarian) #133

this statement is vague, can you clarify what is “declining” in this statement.

mmo’s have various business models, all of them are valid, and for different reasons, but in general freemiums make the most money

(Omnathious Deninard) #134

They also, generally, have the highest turnover of players as well as the lowest player retention.

Using WOW as an example.

(Runa Yamaguchi) #135

All areas of space are already governed by BOTH risk vs reward AND reward vs activity. Granted some of the scaling is off but the concept are already in place.

Turning HS into one big padded room will not help anyone…

(Solecist Project) #136

Believe me, I know your “pain” too well. The sad part is that any changes CCP makes might try to reach for the mainstreamers and casuals, making lowsec worse, not better. :confused:

Just look at the crap Naari/Nuuri posts. This guy is actively growing a corp with followers in hopes he can change the game into the ■■■■■■■■ direction he wants. He’s a wannabe tyrant.

(Nevyn Auscent) #137

He’s also posting loads of threats inside said corp to his members. I’m pretty sure ccp acted on another corp where newbies were getting exploited with threats. Might be interesting for someone to send all that info into CCP for review.

(Solecist Project) #138

He’s not going to last. The evidence against him is flattening.

(Nuuri Naarian) #139

I am good to my corp members. It is my responsibility, to exercise lawful rules upon our population, to protect them. If you even understood that we were a council, you’d not of made such stupid positions.

Your attempt at getting my banned from eve is pathetic. This is how you debate? and ccp listens to people like you? no wonder why this game is a mess right now.

This only validates my claim that eve needs to change to being casually focused.

(Nuuri Naarian) #140

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(Scipio Artelius) #141

What do you mean by casually focused?

Don’t you require your members to put in a minimum of 14 hours per week of game time? Do you still consider requiring an average of at least 2 hours per day, every day, casual play?

Seems a bit of a double standard.

(Nuuri Naarian) #142

No, Our weekly requirement is based around the industry average, which is 5 hours.

Thus, your wrong, as my corporate flyers even note 5 hours requirements. next time you use your alt to look at corporate stuff, make sure you read it right. we require specific hourly rates for leadership, not the standard person (which is reasonable).

(Scipio Artelius) #143

How much do you require for leadership and if you are pushing for casually focused play, why even have any requirement on anyone in your alliance?

Hardly seems casual if you are defining obligations that you expect your members to meet.

No need.

Your security is more leaky than a sieve. Unfortunately because of how much stupid you post in the forum, it seems there are a number of spies in your Alliance posting in various discords.

So no need for alts. Your evemails and discord chat may as well be used to revive Eve Skunk, because it getting posted anyway.

(Nuuri Naarian) #144

Are you trying to tell me that i have to play eve like you say?

Its just you and alts, lets not kid anyone. I already know who they are, and i could careless. They benefit my corp being here actually. More importantly, you fail to understand that your alts are being used, like you.

Bad publicity, is never a bad thing. Thank you for making me known.

(Scipio Artelius) #145

No, that seems to be more your style of thing, while claiming here you are all about casual focus.


(Nuuri Naarian) #146

Yea, i m advocating for casual, pve focused game play, and im not ashamed of it at all. That dont make me a casual player though.

dont believe me? check your roles bro, they got removed.

(Scipio Artelius) #147

Haha, if that’s true, that’s gold. You just screwed over some schmuck who’ll have no clue what has happened.

That’s awesome. +1