CSM campaign, CSM duties vs RL 🙂

Some of you might got irritated by my measure of response time to my “5 dumb questions” I try to ask every CSM Candidate :slight_smile:
I would like to ask you to calm down and promptly ignore it :slight_smile:

While it is natural (imho) to expect some due diligence and availability from “community representatives” if it is to be taken seriously but…

…let’s get real - this is “internet spaceships” so chill everybody, we have our lives our problems and our little victories giving us joy :slight_smile:

BTW, I wonder if It would be possible to ask every CSM Candidate to updated their CSM Campaign OP with availability window expressed in New Eden Time ofc
and an estimate of CSM time commitment when elected into office - with disclaimer of RL takes first priority as well

Thank you

Post on your main.

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Let's stay on topic please

And what is main character exactly? The one you play the most or the oldest? I have 7 characters. Which one is my main? I only use this Elinore character for forum interactions. Does it count as main then? Also I don’t run for CSM …yet :thinking:


thank you for the question Elinore, as i can only respond to what i know i know, real life always comes first.

On the other hand if candidate comes to CSM and creates a topic that is never revisited, why run then, right?


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