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Exploitation of the said pvers, with the introduction of passive income systems back when we started pos spamming we started to work away from those systems, however, some have been inable to do that because of regional control, or structure. For those the exploiting of pvers is still a big part of the game.

If you ask most of those pvers, if you can mine and be left alone, they will say yes. further more, you can validate that position by how successful the intel channels are, and software built around them for the purpose of allowing people to do pve with out pvp interactions.

As i said, a good amount of players will do some pvp, but of those majority, very few only do pvp.

If you need more meat, and you currently have cows, and your people are starving, would you not consider sheep? or does having a focus on cattle ranching only invalidate the need of survival through a second source?

Lets take another look at this.

Did the war dec system (addition of eligibility) hurt, or help the game? from my perspective i have seen few people complain about it (even pvpers). So was that change bad? Why not?

So would a similar “removal of criminal actions” (Stuff that spawns concord) from high sec be beneficial or positive?

If you throw this bone to the population, i promise it will be good for this game. the pvpers will just migrate back to war dec corps. If this proves to be true, and you release an email to the population (update emails) and it turns out to be good, you have your test sample to prove my positions are merited.

Players always do the most efficient thing. They like the part of the game, and they will try to keep doing it even after this change. Just as null players like null, and continued after foz-sov was added, because they like it. They will just go to war dec spamming, which will result in merc corps becoming more consistent, and structure spam reduced.

Who knows, they might like it, but it keeps their content controlled some where, and helps reach a middle ground.

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So leaving PvE’ers to their own things is exactly what I don’t want. At least not with the current systems in the game. It decreases their interaction with other players. I do not see this being a positive thing, especially for player retention. My own experience tell me, people leave cause they feel eve is boring. Farming missions or mining in highsec is simply not exciting enough to compete with other PvE games. The people who find this interesting is a minority of people, i.e. a niche. If we are fine with eve being a niche game, doesn’t it make more sense to continue down the road of a PvP sandbox instead of changing fundamental parts of the game?

You analogy doesn’t really work, since you are removing parts of the game and replacing it with something else. You don’t add it as an alternative.

Highsec safety has already been thrown a bone, since social corps were added with the wardec balance. Yet, still we don’t see a huge influx of players. Maybe it is because eve PvE is really not that impressive? This was the test to see if more safety would attract more players. It failed. Which is why I don’t believe adding more safety will have players pouring back into the game as you say.

Reaching a middle ground is fine, which was why I asked you to open your mind to other perspectives. Removing criminal activity from highsec is not a middle ground, since there are players that play eve because of the ability to be the villain. It is a playstyle valid as any other. Can it be target for balance changes? Sure.

However, removing a whole playstyle because one personally do not like it is not the way to go. Together with all your arguments being hypothetical, it is not much better an argument than “Remove all highsec from eve, that will bring back players again”.

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IS that not what you do with null pvpers, and the wormholers?
Do they not get to do content, relatively undisturbed?

In ways your advocating for sleep fleets to drop in and kill a mining fleet in null, or gank a random ratter in wormhole space.

Design Issues, mostly fixed with isk buffs.

Opinion based argument. The game is niche based, because your attracting only niche players, this is the crux of my argument. The population will increase, if you stop trying to attract only those players. Huge potential is here because of the fact that there are really no other seriously viable games out there for this genre.

If you want to commit business suicide, sure; I would advocate to you however, that if you would step out of that position just slightly, you might find your dreams being met with more accomplishment then you had imagined.

I challenge you to try, and I inspire you to dream, and I support you in your pursuit.

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I never said that null or WH is in a good place. I don’t mind PvE’ers in null getting dropped. More of that.

I’m an advocate for more destruction in all space.

Ok, so only if I dream your dream, you will support me?

Anyway, I’m going to leave the discussion to others since a man can only endure so much and I believe this is only a post or two away from turning toxic.

Good luck with your candidacy.

Fly safe o7

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Many are, however, that will not help the game when so many are advocating against it, it will only hurt it.

If i did not support eve, or ccp here, i would not be here trying to advocate for change against so many.

Thanks for your conversation.

im noT saying that my approach is the right one and only option, but i am saying the end result must be as stated (removal of criminal activities from high sec) and the the thing is, im not the only one saying it.

Try it, if it dont work, reverse it. we’ve seen this position from the development team with many changes in eve (like limiting wars to 3, then negating from that among many other examples).

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There is no evidence of this. If you look at Eve-offline.net you can see the average players and historically also, the game is stable.

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In this thread alone, Nuuri / Naari has quite clearly demonstrated how suitable he is for CSM.
I predict this will follow the course of another campaign which has been alluded too.

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That is an out right lie. This game has lost over half its population, closing on 3/4ths, but im sure you will make up some excuse of why the average online rates have dropped from 38k to the current 22k this month

(Nuuri Naarian) #93

I, nuuri, King of the asteroids, Queen of barger, first of my name, breaker of the criminal action, declare this falsehood

(Omnathious Deninard) #94

1 year average is 32k players with signs of a lower average player count on the rise.
2018 1 year average players 33k players with a dip in players starting in spring.
2017 1 year average 35k players with a dip in players starting in the spring.
2016 1 year average players 32k with a dip in players starting in spring.

Are you beginning to notice a trend here?

Also, game lost 1/2 it’s population of 38k would be 19k closing in 3/4 of the population would be 9500, which are both away from the 22k you said in the exact same line.

(Nuuri Naarian) #95

I get it, you want to fill your ego pwning noobs and pvers, i get it, i really do.

Do you not get that a significant amount of people DO NOT WANT TO PVP, AT ALL.

Keep Going.

Lets see the 2011-2015 years.
Stop being intellectually dishonest. You call me a liar, your the liar.

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22/38 = 57/58% (depending how you round).
Also that is PCU, PCU used to be slightly inflated due to things like 24 hour skill queue for a start.
Anyway, no one is denying EVE has dropped in population from it’s global high, however so has every MMO. The last three years however have been pretty much stable as far as a best fit line goes, and when a game is 15 years old, looking at stuff too historical does not provide good information any more.
There is also plenty of argument to say that some of those drops have been over the perception of too much safety and PvPers leaving the game, based on when some drops have happened. And the biggest drop was over fears of gold ammunition micro-transactions.

Edit: Also you replied in the wrong thread above, and utterly missed what I was saying, Go back and read my post in the other thread and try again.

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Thank god we finally got someone to admit it.

That is also not true. your hiding the truth, that the actual current monthly average is 22k, down from 32.

Im busy with stuff atm, you guys are welcome to join discord for a chat. lobby is open access.

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