I humbly accept the election results that have already been cast via popular vote. I am your new CSM. I will rule with dignity and respect. Here is what you can expect from me as your HIGH KING and ruler of Eve:

1). Defunding of the oppressive Concord Police Department. Carebears will no longer have to worry about being safe and secure.

2). Asteroid fields will now be littered with magnetic mines that will eliminate the ongoing epidemic of veldspar addicts that litter our skies.

3). An asteroid addict recovery program will be instituted immediately and character reprogramming will be overseen by the Scarlet Palace Royal Guard. Failure to comply or graduate from the program results in a termination of the players account.

4). An annual universal tax for each player account in the amount of 1 billion isk will be paid to the Scarlet Palace in Osmon. Failure to comply will result in an uncomfortable investigation conducted by the Scarlet Palace Royal Guard.

5). The only authorized version of Quafe soda that can be bought and sold henceforth is a special edition version bottled by the ladies of the Scarlet Palace. This special edition soda shall be known as “Queef” soda and will be the drink of choice for all capsuleers.

Best Regards,

The Scarlet Palace


Thank you for your service.

1. Specifically restricted conduct.

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