I got questions, serious once

Hello, as the title says I got a few questions that I would like to get a reply to.

Since a CSM member is being the hot topic atm I started to look into what a CSM is and what they do.
I read the interesting story on how the eve universe enveloped among other things. A few things I found myself not knowing of/ about is:

Were can I read about the EULA? Never mind found it :slight_smile:

In the rules of conduct I found something that I just happened to ask myself when I read through it. And that is about hate speech. It’s a big no, no but since I am role playing with this character I could not pass this question - What if it’s a roleplaying hate speech? Would that be a breach of the EULA?

Plz explain this to me - New Player Bashing.

After reading the about the csm I think I would be interested in campaigning but I would have a few questions first before I even look at that.
One thing that was mentioned in the" white paper" Is that a CSM must be active per cycle - How active is the requirement active?
Active per cycle?? - plz explain.

could I get a little more info about what the work as a CSM does and are required & must do?

Forum! On the forum we are not allowed to bump - I get that very much. It is to keep things clean. Another thing is that we are not allowed to repost or reopen a post that have been posted before. So how would I go about it if I want to do a recruitment post and I do not bump it then it get’s closed but I am still recruiting and using the post?

The lore! I am in the beginning and in the middle of creating a roleplaying player made lore background story for character and another story attached to it. Both will later on influence a corporation and an alliance that I will create based upon those player lore based stories based on the real eve lore. So I am trying my very best to plan ahead and be at the present make that happen. So… As you might know then, I need a lot of research on the lore and stories and so on. My questions would be:
Are the articles, short stories, fiction & scientific articles player made or did CCP created them?
In what order did those articles, stories and fiction happen ( there is not order in it, trying to read past to present)
Is it possible to make the 5 major empires and concord recognize a roleplaying player made lore alliance based upon the eve lore as a minor/major faction/ government/organisation? (all mentioned) Or any player made alliance at all as it? Meaning that they will give out an announcement through the scope that an emerging organisation/ Faction/ government has emerged in null sec or if an organisation - anywhere in eve. And that the 5 major empires and concord is “forced” to recognize them as such. Can that happen CCP? A CSM member who can ask can ask CCP about this would be appreciated to reply to this, since CCP can’t or are allowed to have direct contact with a player. (correct me if am wrong)

Alliance banners/logos and so forth in that pr-department in-game and outside game - Does those things cost real money to make to a reality? Do ccp help out with creating those things as well for players based upon what they wish for a logo/banner or what not?

Alliance tournament - were can I get more I info about it? Maybe I can apply to it :slight_smile:

That’s if for now :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for reading and I hope you found these questions interesting.

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I’m sorry to say but you need to have knowledge of game aspects before even thinking of campaigning since topics discussed by CSM involve game mechanics quite a bit


Any logo for a Corp is designed by the Corp. if you want to hire a designer, up to you

Are you asking if your alliance lore can be part of Eve’s lore? No. You can do what you want with your role playing, but most rp is based upon the four races lore

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Fun right :wink: ?
Well what I meant there, is that I want more information additional to what I already know. The more I know, the more I can come prepared. Or know if it would be something for me or not. It NEVER hurts to ask. There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers.

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What I read on the “white paper” with quite extensive information, it never said as a requirement that you needed to have extensive information/ knowledge of the game.
Read it yourself here --> http://cdn1.eveonline.com/community/csm/CSM-WHITEPAPER.pdf .
But I do get your point, it´s just a major plus if the campaigner has extensive knowledge.
And I do aim to get into eve uni later and learn what I can from them.

As long as your hatespeech is based on in-game lore you should be fine. As soon as you start mixing in real world stuff and words - that might become a problem.

For example: calling minmatar “filthy slaves” as you role-play amarrian citizen is ok, calling them “filthy n-words” is not.


Without knowledge you won’t understand what is discussed or what to propose as a fix

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I found the Logo submission Policy --> https://community.eveonline.com/support/policies/alliance-logo-submission-policy/ but it does not say if ccp can assist you with the creation of a logo/banner - so forth. And if the submission to them costs real life money for them to implement it into the game. I have heard quite a few times that it do cost real life money. Therefore I am curious, do it cost? And if so, how much?

As of the comment/question you made - look again on the post (just edited it) —>

Yes, I am asking that in one of the questions in that question!
My roleplaying player made lore is based upon the entire eve lore, so you can say this is a side story to that lore that could very well become a eve lore side story to the eve lore, since it is after all based upon it and it’s contents.

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Yes! That’s very true.
But yet again - It’s not required. If so show me the link or text that ccp wrote as a requirement.
It’s up to CCP and the voters to to pick a CCM member. If the voters votes for an none knowledgeable player but listens to the community and try to forward it, it’s their choice to vote for a none knowledgeable player and for and CCP to decide. Am I wrong in this?

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I get that english is probably not your native language, but please consider those of us for whom it is native.

Once =/= Ones
Enveloped =/= Developed
(sorry I gave up trying to read there)

Please murder me and not my mother tongue.


Hello Tryme,

Welcome to the community, make sure you quickly develop a thick skin cuz there’s members here who like to constantly poke others.


I would say all your questions can pretty much be answered from info on CCP’s website and in Uniwiki.

As for CSM, that’s politics and just like in real life, it’s easier to get elected if your name is known and you’re knowledgeable about some of the game’s career choices and their mechanics, bugs, etc. I think running for CSM is something to do after getting experienced with the game.

New Player Bashing is just what it sounds like, you’re a new player who doesn’t know anything and start asking questions, if players start bashing on you with snide remarks, open hostility, etc. then that’s new player bashing. It’s actually frowned upon here in the forums, especially in the New Citizens Q&A forum. There’s also a few specific systems in-game where new players are sorta protected.

Different forums have their own rules for bumping threads, best to check the rules for that specific forum if you’re gonna post a thread there. Threads get locked after 90 days of inactivity so yeah, I don’t think there’s any problem with bumping a thread every few days to once a week.

The Lore stories were done by both CCP and players. I don’t know the exact order of how they should be read but there are a few sites that have them available to read. Google search should provide a list.

It’s cool that you’re into RP and Eve Lore, definitely makes immersion into the game much better.

CCP only features NPC Corps, Alliances and characters in Eve Lore. It would be way too much work for them to write in player Corps and Alliances into their fictional story plot. However it’s the players that actually create the stories that make Eve famous. In fact, the Scope News Network will often post reports about Capsuleers who make history here in New Eden.

Alliance Banners and things like that, guess it depends on just how far you wanna go with it. Actually I’m not that familiar with that topic,but I’m sure the answers can be easily found.

Alliance Tournament takes some doing, definitely need experience in piloting and working in fleet. Another aspect of Eve that’s best suited for experienced players.

Anyway, good luck and may you have a long rewarding career here.



Within the themes of the game i would say RP “hate speech” is ok, an amarr RP’er calling a minmatar a filthy slave etc is ok within the context of the universe, anything relating to actual RL stuff would be considered a no-no so you can’t yell at someone for being russian/german etc


Yes, yet again another one that is correct in a matter.
But let me ask you this,

If am doing my outmost and even trying to look up words before replying or communicate at all through text that I find I can not spell right or even know… Should I just be silent then and not communicate at all? hmm? And yes, I do consider my English typing to be not so good but I do consider to take my time to correct myself and look up words before I communicate for the consideration of the once of the native language.

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Thank you for your time and organised structured reply.
Much :hearts: there!
And why does everyone think that I am a new player? This is just a new fresh character of mine. Hehe.

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Hate speech doesn’t exist. Big mistake including made up terms in EVE documents.

You’re welcome.

It’s no problem, your questions just seem like new player questions.

I take no delight in being mean and please don’t take offence from anything I wrote. You’re doing your upmost and will learn better english with practise so please do continue to post as most people here do want to help you with your queries.

I’m glad you consider the ones you’re communicating with who are English, but we can be arrogant pigs sometimes despite the national stereotype of being polite and drinking lots of tea. I will try harder next time to be more understanding and wake up on the correct side of the bed.

All the best.

No offence taken, I quite know very well how the English players tend to be. But you know what? Britts are britts and I like them.

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They can’t. Their art department are paid to work on game assets only. You may pay your own art team to design your own banner and logo if you wish.