Custom EVE widget

So often do I see a discord post saying oh this or that at 03:00 EVE. Yes I am able mental math for moment and figure out when that will be but…

What about a custom EVE widget for the EVE portal app. At least on android apps can have widgets that you can drag onto your screen and use. Why not an EVE clock?

there’s an eve clock in game, obviously, but you can also set your own PC clock up and add a second eve time clock…

Was more so going for the home page of a phone so you can at a glance check the Eve time

eve portal app shows eve time…
my phone has an option on the clock for a world clock, and it’s set for Reykjavik

edit: charge your battery :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol I got a cool 7% to keep doing things !

I suppose theirs alternate ways and such , I just want to be spoiled

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they haven’t even updated eveportal with the skill changes etc… you really think they are gonna make a widget :crazy_face:

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