Custom/Remix skins

let us use our bought skins and ‘remix’ them.

Let us drag the racing stripe around, choose what angle it goes over the ship, what part of the ship its applied to, etc.

Let us use the colors from one skin, combined with the texture from another skin.

It deosn’t have to be perfect. Just letting us plop textures/features on there, and slide them around would be enough. Doesn’t matter if most of the creations look like trash. People will find ways to make it look cool af.

this would dramatically increase skin sales, since people will be buying skins just to use certain features & colors of that skin with other skins

People who didn’t want the Snowline skins will buy them so they can have a Purple & Black version of the Headhunter skin

They could combine the green Marshlight color with the headhunter skin with the Chainbreaker skin’s potleaves and call it a Pothunter skin

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I have wanted this for so long

Maybe break up t the ship into sections. Each section can be edited independent from others. Change color or add a portion of a skin. Corporations can have their own skins.

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yes why is ccp saying no to this