"Players buy a paint kit in the store, design a dank ship skin paint job, then sell it on the market.

I mean your two new ship skins are like neon green and orange lines tossed on. It is pretty…lackluster.
Seeing the corp and alliance recruitment videos on the in game station screens, I know there is some talented artists in the game."

I really liked this Idea that was suggested, however, I want to make an adjustment to it.
What if the Kit you buy turns into a Blue Print Original upon Skin Design Completion and to make Copies, it could cost you maybe One or Two PLEX per a Run.
This would certainly make PLEX far more Valuable and CCP would sell much much more of it because of this “PLEX Sink/Eater”.
Just Food for Thought!

Post Edit:
What if running the BPO or BPC to make the Skins also cost PLEX?
CCP, you got Money being left on that Table.
Are you sure you wanna pass this up?

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Like the idea, i have always thought we should be able to do this.

I also think the Paint Kit should only run for 30 days but then if you want it extended you have to pay for the extension and it only works once and then you have to buy it again.

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If they go ahead with this, the first one I am doing is an A-10 Warthog Design for my Thorax!

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CCP don’t care about extra plex sales, when hiring extra moderators to approve all this new madness will eat all profits.

It’s same reason why only alliances can have custom logos. Not to even mention stuff like skins and other customization.

“CCP don’t care about extra plex sales, when hiring extra moderators to approve all this new madness will eat all profits.”

Why wouldn’t CCP just create an Algorithm designed to check and reject Graphic Artwork through a Recognition System?
No need to hire Eyeballs when a Computer AI can do it far more efficiently and without requiring payment.

You probably don’t play EVE long enough to think that this will work out. Players will bypass system in no time. Especially if it is made by CCP.

Anyway, I just say what CCP said not so long ago. At Vegas probably.

Have you ever seen those captchas with “Click on all the pictures of a school bus?” Do you know why those work? It’s because this is not a simple problem, and messing it up either kills the idea because no one wants to make a skin when it might be rejected for no real reason, or it unleashes a tide of dongs upon the ship skin market.

but the entire argument as to why we have to pay for skins is that they have to pay the artists.

If you all don’t want this, that is Fine.
I just thought it would be cool to put a Storm Trooper or Clone Trooper Helmet on the Transport Ships as a Skin.
Oh well.

Yeah… for legal reasons this would never be allowed

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It’s not that we don’t want it, it’s that it’s not feasible.

Oh yeah, another reason why it’s not feasible: copyright infringement.

That is a good point.
I concede.
I forgot what it was to swim with Forum Sharks.
Have not swam with them since the Days of Boom Beach.
Anyways, take care.

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