Custom UI Configurations for in Dock versus in Space

I think CCP needs to consider a complete separation of UI elements based on whether casuleers (the player base) are in space dock or while flying in space.

I’ve noticed that some elements seem to already be separate elements. For instance, the Inventory window’s shape/size you have while flying can be different than the size and position it is while in dock. It needs to be this way for ALL windows.

My notable example is the chat window. I’d like to be able to have multiple large chat windows open while in dock (to read the various chats while doing other in-game tasks like Industry) but have the option for a single compact chat window while flying in space so I have more screen area for other more important elements maximized.

I’m sure there are other benefits to having the UI’s be separately configurable. If this concept is interesting to CCP staff or other players, please add your thoughts here.

Thank you and Fly Well… o7,
Corbin Dahlias

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