Cyber-Space Social-Stations, please: pilots quarters return!

True, and CCP has already shown their interest time after time with developing FPS content. I’m not saying we’ll get WIS, but I wouldn’t completely rule it out with their persistence between dust514 and vanguard.

There was an 11 year gap between the release of Dust 514 and Vanguard. I wouldn’t hold my breath…

I would, because I know how business works.

What’s the most popular genre of games across non-mobile platforms? That would be First Person Shooters.

Every time one of those becomes the hot new game, it makes the game studio an insane amount of money.

Almost every game studio capable of producing a halfway crappy shooter is doing so as fast as they can, trying to be the one to be the next Helldivers.

You’re more than likely reading far, far too much into CCP developing Vanguard if you think it portends the return of WIS. Of course CCP would make it EvE themed, because they’ve got an existing customer base to market to. If Vanguard is the precursor of the return of WIS, why hasn’t any of the other first and third person games CCP has worked on beeen the same?

Wait, I seem to recall a post right after they terminated WIS and were working on the World of Darkness game where the WoD was supposed to signify WIS’ imminent return. Whatever happened to WoD again, and thus the promise of WIS’ resurrection?

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CCP made an FPS integrated with a PC exclusive as a PS exclusive. I’m sure there was 100% chance of overlap.

If the Captain’s quarters were brought back today and were having graphics of a game like today made by CCP, for example Vanguard, it could look fun.

Fun, but useless, since we access everything through the UI while docked, not by ‘walking around in stations’.

CCP can solve this by making certain areas with ‘hidden agents’ or content for EVE behind captains quarters so that people are required to walk around for minutes in order to participate with that content.

I and many others would not play that content, just like I have not played with the old Captain’s quarters on a daily basis beyond ‘let me see what this thing looks like - neat!’ and then staying out of the Captain’s quarters for years until it was taken down.

CCP can solve that problem by putting essential EVE content behind the Captain’s quarters, so that people have to interact with it in order to play EVE.

Well… if those Captain’s quarters are running as smoothly as Vanguard is on my PC, I guess I have to quit playing this game. My PC sadly cannot run Vanguard and thus would probably not be able to run the new ‘EVE with forced Captain’s Quarters’ either if it is made with the same tech today.

This makes people quit EVE.

Captain’s quarters are either a mostly ignored useless addition, or they are designed such that it is forced upon players which increases the specs required for the game as well as increases the time people waste by not being undocked out in space playing a spaceship game.

I liked seeing the Captain’s Quarters, but agree with the reasons why they got removed in the past. I also do not see how Captain’s Quarters would be a good addition to the game now.

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And none of this adds anything useful or relevant to a game about f*cking spaceships.

Tell me, why do you need every game have to have every feature of every other game?

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It had the feature. It already exists. Explain why it’s so difficult to create something that already exists.

Why is it so difficult for you to understand that it failed, and was removed.

It doesn’t exist anymore, it’s gone. Bye bye, kaput, deleted. Everyone but you understands this.


Existed. It was hard to maintain and bogged down progress for the actual game. Anything they did outside of CQ, they couldn’t do without messing with CQ.

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You seem very invested in this, strangely so, do you have some kind of ulterior motive you’re not mentioning as to why you’re adamant it shouldn’t be brought back?

As the isolated room that it was it’s difficult to convince me it couldn’t exist on it’s own.

What more do I need than it as a sh*t mechanic that made the game worse as a whole? Why are you so adamant it be brought back?


Except it wasnt isolated. Have you even read the dev blog that explains why it was removed?

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Every aspect of the game, was somehow made worse by being able to sit on a sofa in the station? Bit hyperbolic isn’t it?

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Yeah, it was. That’s part of what we’ve been trying to tell you.

Go. :clap: Read. :clap: The. :clap: Dev. :clap: Blog. :clap: On. :clap: Why. :clap: It. :clap: Was. :clap: Removed. :clap:

That very fact that you’re asking ridiculous questions like this tells all of us you haven’t read it and are just talking out your ass.

It very much as a cancer that cause massive problems all throughout EvE.

There were people who couldn’t even load the game for the first time, because it defaulted to CS and that very same CS made the game crash on a whole host of graphics cards. So you’d install the game, watch the intro, create your character, then crash as soon as you finished chargen.


That sucks, perhaps commit some more dev resources to it to bring it up to speed?

Is there anything else in the game that is purely aesthetic that has a lot of time and money spent on it?

Perhaps learn how businesses make decisions? Three words rule business, Return on Investment. If the ROI on anything in business is high enough, it will happen. On the flip side of that, if the ROI is low, none, or even negative, then it will never happen. In the case of WIS, the ROI was most certainly negative.

As much as it broke everything, I’m not even certain they could removed it, and that it’s still tied into everything just disabled. Would explain how the SKINR system took down multiple unrelated nodes upon launch. :thinking:

From the aforementioned dev blog (emphasis mine):

The technology behind captain’s quarters was implemented in 2010. Some of this technology was designed in house by CCP specifically for purpose, and some is based on older middleware that we no longer support.

Bringing captain’s quarters up to a standard that would reflect current graphics technology would take roughly 6-8 months of development work, which we feel for the percentage of players utilizing the feature, is not a sensible investment of development time that could be used on furthering the visual side of core gameplay in New Eden.

As @Andlaust said, ROI is a factor. And 6-8 months of dev time is a serious ask for a component that has no gameplay mechanic and is not likely to increase subs to a degree that CCP will see a return. Also, keep in mind the above statement was made in 2017. Implementation could be even more time and resource intensive with seven years of game updates having been applied since.

Further, CQ ended up meeting the very definition of “technical debt” at a time when CCP was trying to ship a 64-bit EVE client:

Compiling a 64-bit client has been held back by the outdated middleware that was needed by captain’s quarters.

This was also middleware that (if I recall correctly) CCP didn’t actually own, and was licensed from a company that had gone out of business [this may or may not be accurate, my details are fuzzy].

The CQ, the character creator, and the inception of apparel were all products of the walking in stations initiative, which itself leveraged work done for the World of Darkness project. When WIS was ill-received and WoD ultimately went belly up, all the money and focus shifted back to the core EVE game.

It’s possible the tech behind Vanguard might enable a fresh attempt at some form of WIS/CQ, but I kind of doubt it. CCP got burned on the previous initiatives, and without any meaningful gameplay, WIS wasn’t really useful. It was just a gee-whiz feature that garnered some buzz for the first couple months because CCP was over-selling their progress on WIS (which, like atmospheric flight, was never more than a tech preview).

But then The Door never opened, interest in WIS fizzled, and almost everybody disabled CQ long before it was removed from the game. There was just no point to it anymore, and the fancy graphics not only slowed down session change when docking, but could also cause client crashes.

IMO, the citadel interiors are a more meaningful graphical upgrade for a spaceship game, and I would like to see something similar come to NPC stations eventually. That seems more likely than ever seeing a return of CQ.