CYBER SUIT PACK - False Advertising?

Is this pack kinda scam or am I missing something ?

It says I need “Top” otherwise I can’t proceed with character change. Well the ad. most certainly doesn’t show any horrible top over the “Cyber MTX Top”. And there are no “Invisible tops” so…

I would really like to know if the ppl who bought the 20$ pack are basically getting scammed because they can’t use it in a way that it is advertised ?

The ad. most certainly doesn’t show any “top” over the MTX : Pack Details | EVE Online

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@CCP_Swift @CCP_Convict Don’t know which of you handle this stuff nowdays. But might be worth to take look into.

Please file a bug report when you encounter issues like this; nobody on the forums can really help you.

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yeah… but this isn’t a bug report its the game working as intended lol

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This is not my problem, like I don’t really care, I did not buy the pack for 20$, I just bought the MTX in game for ISK, but I’m quite sure that ppl who actually buy it for real money could possible be really pissed when they find out that it doesn’t work. Right ? :smile:

And this is one of those things, that if anybody… actually tested it, they would notice immediately that pack they are selling, doesn’t work…

I’m sorry for being salty but there is just so much mess lately.

Also this is not really day 1 bug… it’s been out for a while.

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You cared enough to make a thread about it

The first whole torso augmentation of this kind Rubyred-Torsorig-something did not require any top.

If newer color schemes do require something then it’s fatfinger bug and it’s going to be fixed if reported.

Other augments of this type have not required tops, as another player noted, and CCP’s images of the set suggest they expect it to be worn without requiring a top. Therefore, it may very well be a bug in the settings for the set.

Hi! Sorry for the delay responding to this.

This was not the intended behavior for this item, and it’s been fixed as of today’s patch. Hope that helps.

Patch notes for version 19.08, released 28 September 2021


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