Cybernetics 5 worth it?

Was wondering what people think of a beginner getting +5 implants? Is it worth it or better just use +4? anyone have experience on how much time you really save between +4 and +5?

As a beginner? No, never worth.

As a veteran who has nothing to do with several months of subscription time left? Sure.

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Not worth it. You might save 10 days a year or something like that.

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If you plan on playing EVE for another decade or so, then yes.

If you plan on having a life, then no.

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As a beginner, you’ll be learning, and you’ll likely lose your ship and pod multiple times; And those +5 implants will set you back A LOT.

If you’re not planning on taking any risks then: you won’t learn as much and you’ll likely get bored and quit. Or one day, you’ll finally lose the pod, and you’ll think about how much isk you’ve lost- and you’ll rage quit.

Now, if you want more details, as to how much +5 can help you, I’d check out this article (includes a link to a calculator):

The rate at which skillpoints accrue is (primary attribute) + (secondary attribute)÷2 per minute.
So that extra +1 to all attributes yields a flat 1.5 sp/min to all training. That is an additional 64,800 per subscribed month.

Your average unremapped character probably has a training rate with +4’s of 1,555,200 sp/month at 36 sp/min. So with +5’s, you’d be looking at 37.5 sp/min, approximately a 4% boost in accrual, which would “save” you a little over a day of training per month or a little over 2 weeks per wholly subbed year.

Personally, I think a set of standards are plenty.

The training for Cybernetics V will take all the ROI from a full improved set in the first year.
2 weeks of sub = 250 plex = ~900m ISK
Full set of +5s = ~550m ISK

So about 1.5 yrs is the return period for Cybernetics V.

If you sub for 11.5 years, ~5 months of sub is yours for free.

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