Cyno alt configuratinos for jump freighters?

So…was trying a low-cost venture with all the cargo 2 expander and the 3 rig slots cargo 1’s…it looks like i’d need to get cyno theory up to 4 to make that even carry enough to light once?

Are there other options in th emeantime, like what’s the meta for cyno alt ships at this point outside of venture? And is cyno skill the only thing that reduces the activation cost?

just use a regular industrial, dont bother putting any sort of fit on it as its likely to get blown up. And yes cyno skill is king.

know what the cheapest qualifying one is? i’ll take a peek it’s probably obvious

Any. T1 industrials are cheap. Nereus has an align time bonus. That’s what I’d use.

Doesn’t the wreathe have the fastest align time of the T1 industrials?

When not using inertial stabilizers and making full use of cargohold expanders, the Wreathe is the fastest ship to warp, followed by the Nereus, Sigil, and Badger.

as explained on our USIA website

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Yep, wreath would be fine too

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