Cyno Jump out of a Forcefield (POS)

is it possible to directly jump out of a POS Forcefield?
since there is a “fix” that doesn;t allow to fire Cynos less than 15km from the forcefield, just courious if this does effect “the way out” as well.

yes you can jump out of a POS FF !

yes, your not allowed to cyno INTO the ff ! this would be way to OP and if you want to cyno next to your POS then you need to have it at least 15km away from your ff !

*ff = forcefield

yeah i think i can live with that, but i just realized there is nothing with a fleet hangar large enough that actually can Jump …

the idea was to replace the orca as my Trailer with somethings that can jump so i not have to go trough wormholes when hauling.

you can use a jump freighter or a rorqual ! both should have more cargo then your orca and you can use a venture as cyno :wink:

You cannot jump into or out of a Wormhole system anyway afaik.
The only way to jump into known space besides wh connections is self destruction.
You want to live in the wormhole? Adapt the wormhole rules.

Be aware that a jump-capable solution will be a lot more expensive and you will attract attention when doing it. People will try to trick and kill you and with Lancers they have gotten a new option to do so.

Also you can’t jump while inside a bubble, and small POSes cann be completely bubbled (the FF does not protect you from the warp- and jump-disabling effect!). So you might log in, find your POS reinforced and Large Bubbles anchored all around it to trap your shiny ship.

that’s some pretty good insights, thanks for that.

well the cyno question is a double application inside and outside Wormholes, so no worries about this.
i will just try it (i guess)

is that from the FF or from the tower ?
what if the FF isn’t active? just courious … since it would be extremly impractical unless the tower is deployed new every time. but its worth exploring i think.

roqual’s cant go into highsec, that makes them a bit impractical, so i guess a freighter it is.

its an old mechanic and they have changed several things but im sure its 15 km from ff !

thats a good question … i simply dont know ! but i think you will have the same restrictions because the game knows where your ff need to be if its online.

but you can move your stuff and then haul it with other ships ! or you take a JF but its way more expensive then a rorqual !

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