Czech localization

Hi, it would be interesting to use UI to translate these english texts into the czech language or with the help of czech players community.

Doubt it will happen. They cant cater to every localization plus there has to be a lot of demand for it, and folks who can properly translate and continue to translate the game, lore etc.

I don’t think there has to be any real demand, just someone willing to sit down and do it.

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The game would be a lot more polite if they got rid of the American localization.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Just join czech corp and im dont mean some 1 month old or the mega aliance

Every czech engame corps recruiting newbros and have nice programs to teach you the game for example

Space Hamsters CZ SK

Czech is to small country to warrant big investment in localization maybe in 5 years we will have AI translation in every game automaticly but today its just to much.

Maybe they’ll do it if you send them a big fat czech.

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It would be nice, and especially with today’s AI capabilities without much investment, but I personally think that MMORPG games do not need to be translated.

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