[DAEV4] Thebeka III Freeport Aid Stations

(Avio Yaken) #41

As with anything, you’re entitled to your opinion of whatever we report on.

All i can do here is conduct the investigation, put out the findings and allow the public to make their own judgment.

I care not for what flag you wave in New Eden, Angel cartel or not - if Kalaratiri is keeping to her word, then she’s keeping to her word. End of story.

I say once again, all we can do - that being myself, Zaibatsu personnel and any other party that signs on to help with the inspection - is conduct the inspection. Check every hanger, crate, corridor and janitor closet aboard the freeports. Then put our our findings and if some people have doubts? Well hey, what can you do?

And forgive me if I’m reading to deeply into your response, but i pray you’re not also implying the Zaibatsu will be dishonest about the inspection.

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #42

All that will happen here as a result of your investigation is that your organisation will be seen as attempting to legitimise the installations of a self-professed Cartel loyalist, without much success to those that know what the Cartel’s playbook is like.

As for trusting a Cartel member? I can certainly trust them to have ulterior motives in mind contrary to the one’s actually stated. If you believe otherwise, then you are either a fool or have no experience in dealing with them.

As for implying the Zaibatsu will be dishonest with the inspection? No, you’ll be dishonest to yourselves more than anything. Carry out the inspection if you must, the facts will remain the same.

(Avio Yaken) #43

There’s nothing for the Zaibatsu to legitimize. The pilot, corporation, and structure are all already legitimize in the eyes of CONCORD. You know, that big judicial force that has every empire by the balls? Yeah, that one. If you’re tossing shade our way then cut CONCORD a slice why don’t you.

Think as you will, all i can do is conduct the inspection and put out my findings.


Now moving on, I suppose i’ll begin rounding up some personnel and brief them on the assignment.

(Kalaratiri) #44

I’m extremely interested to know what sort of ulterior motives I might have?

In Thebeka? Possibly the most scrutinized system in the Empire right now? Under the noses of PIE, SFRIM, and everyone else who’s moved in for a look?

To paraphrase the Lord Newelle, I’m not doing anything ulterior because I’m not a ■■■■■■■ moron.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #45

Angels are known of, among other things, slave trading. Why do your own raiding when you can just take in refugees and sell them back to Amarr in the next system? You can even finance their upkeep by donations.

And I am not saying you are doing this. I am saying that’s a quite obvious thought when you see the Angel tag above “refugee” stations.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #46

And when it comes to Thebeka, it is pretty chaotic right now. It has eyes on it, yes, but it also has fighting in it, ground, orbit and space, and not along any well-defined and contained fronts.

The publicity also means high traffic and people of unclear allegiances all over the system, and while ground-to-orbit is as stupid as it always is for capsuleers to interfere with, some people are crawling up and down the well too, and the multiple parties in orbit also makes life harder for orbital control.

Publicity, fighting, and confused traffic do not make it harder to move and misplace individuals, groups and even companies. It makes it easier. And if it does not for you, you are doing it wrong.

Alkabsi, say, which (probably because of what seems to me at least more contained fighting on ground) receives less interest and so less traffic, is much harder to operate in, in this sense. Capsuleers are freer to fly round without notice there, sure. But we are neither of us here for the capsuleers, right?

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #47

The Cartel are not known for charitable or humanitarian endeavours. What they are known for is their involvement in human trafficking, smuggling and slave taking. Why a Cartel member would suddenly have a change of heart with established protocols is not in my comprehension, unless they decided to depart from the organisation or privately they have an ulterior motive to be doing so. Obfuscation is not exactly something Cartel agents shy away from when it comes to serving their own ends.

You yourself claim to be an Angel loyalist. That means you subscribe to their protocols and philosophy. You are not, say, a Sister of the Servant Sisters of Eve. They are a humanitarian organisation in their protocols and philosophy. I’m not sure of the game you’re trying to play here, but it certainly isn’t in the best interests of any of the afflicted on Thebekah III. And goodness knows what the intentions are with Lord Numayr, considering the secondary objective is to utilise these facilities to locate him.

(Aria Jenneth) #48

So, Mr. Adams? Just to point out?

Kala’s also a person. People sometimes develop views and opinions that might differ a little bit from those of the entities they serve, even if they serve loyally. It’s something a Caldari partisan who finds things to admire in the Federation might perhaps relate to a little.

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #49

You extended your hand in aid on behalf of the Zaibatsu to inspect the installations. That is an endeavour to legitimise them in the eyes of those that are suspicious of them, and rightly so. CONCORD legislation may provide for the deployment of Upwell structures and the formation of capsuleer organisations regardless of claimed loyalties, but it certainly does not support the actions or attempts to legitimise the efforts of anyone bearing allegiance to pirate entities. As much as there is valid criticism of the organisation, that is one thing they will not do.

As I said, conduct your inspection if you must. It is simply the case that many will not believe the results of it, as there will be accusations of a lack of impartiality. Or the report will simply turn up the things that are exactly what the owners wish for the Zaibatsu inspection team to see.

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #50

Perhaps. I am certain that many in the Cartel’s employ have opinions concerning world affairs and issues such as their involvement with the slave trade. However, their opinions hold no weight against that of the Cartel itself. And if Captain Saskia is acting out of a genuine lawful desire to render aid, then wouldn’t that be a breach of Cartel doctrine as we know it?

If that is the case, then if the Cartel sees her actions as besmirching their reputation then they will disavow her as a representative of their organisation that she claims allegiance to. As it hasn’t occurred just yet, I am to assume as others do that she is acting to further her own interests in the name of the Cartel.

Oh, and whilst I can see the basis for your analogy, there is little similarity between my interactions within the Federation and Federal citizens compared to that of a self-identified outlaw claiming fealty to a proscribed organisation, operating in Empire lands.

(Kalaratiri) #51

The Salvation Angels, as well as the salvaging operations their name teases at, are actually quite heavily involved in various humanitarian projects around Cartel territory and have worked extensively with the SSoE in the past.

Because “established protocols” are not uniform across the entire organisation. The Cartel is massive. The main branches are massive. The organisational structure is one of lots and lots and lots of smaller groups, each with their own focuses. What you’re saying is comparable to questioning why one Matari clan won’t do something another clan does.

It is also worth noting that just because some elements of the organisation are involved in “human trafficking, […] and slave taking” does not mean that they all are. I have personally never been involved in either activity, and bar some unforseen remarkable change of heart, I doubt I ever will be.

Do you think lying would benefit me in this situation?

If I was playing a game, do you think I’d be quite so willing to invite literally anybody who wants a look to come inspect my Raitarus?

Allow me to refer you to my previous post about not being a ■■■■■■■ moron.

They do when it’s my structure. Not the Cartel’s.

See above.

Certainly they might, and I would have to accept and deal with the consequences of that, but I would be quite surprised. The Cartel is often reluctant to recognise capsuleers at all. I can think of only two cases in my entire time as a capsuleer.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #52

It is also people who affiliate themselves with organizations and people who have loyalties. Loyalty is a very natural human feeling.

That individuals act free of loyalty because they are “a person” is a very Gallentean (and usually very wrong) assumption.

(Che Biko) #53

I’d be happy to join in the inspection, though mostly to learn from it.

(Aria Jenneth) #54

[Video feed]

This video opens with bright gold, scrolling lettering on a field of black:


The view then fades in on a gray bulkhead wall and the top few centimeters of a scuffed and marked adjustable podium, the kind found in schools with mediocre budgets across New Eden. Footsteps are heard from off-camera, and after a few seconds a military-style black beret steps up into view. The head it adorns remains hidden behind the podium and mostly off-frame, though a narrow strip of black hair peeks over the top now and again. The beret bears a crude attempt at what’s probably an Angel Cartel insignia that looks like it was cut out of a sheet of yellow construction paper by a seven-year-old and stuck in place with a deftly-applied safety pin.

The beret swivels a little to the left as a yellow balloon lifts into view, followed by a faint sucking sound. The balloon visibly shrinks. The beret turns, and addresses the camera in what might have been a girlish soprano, now raised to a literal helium squeak.

"Greetings, scum of the Summit!

"It has come to the attention of Dominations high command that a so-called ‘loyalist’ of the Angel Cartel may be engaged in acts that could be construed as displaying charity, goodwill, and generosity, and other qualities unbecoming a villain.

“Naturally, we are deeply concerned!”

The voice by the end of this statement has come down enough to be recognizably Aria’s, but she punctuates it with another hit from the balloon.

“We in the Cartel remain committed to providing only the very finest in moral turpitude, and instances such as those alleged would not only fall short of this high aspiration but suggest even the existence of moral complexity in this world! People might begin to see us as thinking, feeling beings who experience empathy and compassion for our fellow creatures!”

Another gulp from the balloon.

“THIS IS PLAINLY UNACCEPTABLE! Such actions would run directly counter to our goal of providing morally uncomplicated action/adventure melodrama in which exterminating us can be cheered as an unambiguous public good and nobody ever asks whether we’re really bad people! Deep moral questions might be asked!”


“Heroes who exterminate people by the tens of thousands cannot appear heroic unless the villains are utterly evil! IT IS NOT THE POLICY OF THIS ORGANIZATION TO BE CONSIDERED FIT MATTER FOR COMPLICATED LITERATURE! Nobody should ever ask whether a Cartel pilot was just trying to feed their family or escape poverty by advancing in the armed forces of the nation where they were born! If we are not demons, they might start to think of us as PEOPLE!”

A couple of quick, oxygenating breaths, and another gulp of the squeaky stuff.

“These ‘Aid Stations’ force us to question whether the party responsible has skinned her quota of live kittens this month. We too will be sending an inspection team, and if the investigation shows anything less than TOTAL MISERY, to include lashings, crucifixion, flaying, and the brutal beating of elderly persons with sufficient severity to GUARANTEE heroic intercession … and at least one half-eaten baby in the cupboard …”

A final gulp.

“Pilot Kalaratiri,” and two pale, diminutive hands fiercely grip the podium’s rim as the balloon pbbbbbbbts the remainder of its contents in a wandering zig-zag through the air behind her, “YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SURRENDER YOUR FUZZY VELVET DEVIL TAIL!”

A pause.

“That is all.” A pale little fist snaps into the air. “Glory to the Cartel!”


Off-Topic Thread
(Kasuko Merin) #55

Wait, what? What just happened?

(Kalaratiri) #56

I think I’ve got some kittens to skin…

(Mizhir) #57

By the ancestors!

I believe this is the best post I have seen on this new Intergalactic Summit. But please warn me next time. I laughed so hard that I almost cut my fingers while I was skinning a kitten.

(Maira Blackfire) #58

I did not see that coming… Now this begs the question Kala do you have a tail?

(Akali Sharisa) #59

If you happen to find one with white paws and mostly black fur. That one is mine and he got away from me! He needs to be washed before he gets loved.

(Teinyhr) #60

Well, apparently a fuzzy velvet one.