Dameon Jaeger for CSM

When you’re a member of the CSM you will see a rush of people joining, of which many are literally going to be poisoning your discord, making it unattractive for the intelligent folk to stick around.

This phenomenon is a real thing happening every day. Every time you read someone complaining about how a subreddit/community went to shits, it’s because of this. Eternal September happens in all scales equally.

How are you planning on making sure things stay organized and the environment stays attractive for those smart enough to come up with actually well thought out proposals?

The same way I did for the Faction Warfare Discord. Proposals were discussed in channels or on threads, then put to a vote, and then based on the voting went forward to CCP. It was actually very productive, having a section called shitpost where people could troll and be nasty meant that dialogue was regulated in the other rooms and people would be banned.

Nice. I’m not sure it’ll be strictly comparable once there’s an influx of people …
… but maybe that influx of people isn’t even happening.

I wish you good luck …
… and may you not be overrun by idiots!

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Closed via polite request by OP.

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