Dameon Jaeger for CSM

Greetings fellow capsuleers.

My name is Dameon Jaeger, some of you know me by my alt. Matthew Dust.

I’m running for CSM. Some of you might be wondering what my qualifications are so here you are:

I was an EVE/Dust veteran. I have been a CEO, FC, Director, recruiter. I’ve operated in low, high, null, and wormhole space. I’ve done both PVP and PVE.

I was the founder of the Faction Warfare Committee Discord. Through that I developed a relationship with developers. With the combined efforts of the community, and a little initiative and organizational skills of the staff, we presented a list of proposals to CCP which saw the Loyalty to Lowsec update, giving some much needed and wanted FW changes.

If elected I intend to follow the same format, an open discord, for players to present proposals in an organized way, to provide CCP. If there is a subject I’m lacking in, I will seek knowledge from experts in their field.

The next project I set out on was Japanese Localization, at the time, I was living in Japan and became well aquatinted with the Japanese Community. I worked with players of the Japanese Community to pitch marketing/Localization too Hilmar himself, who introduced me to CCP Oracle shortly after. From there we founded the Japanese Localization Player Council, and after several months of hard work from both Developers and Players, Japanese Localization was released for the game.


Currently I am working on an EVE online Manga with artist from the community and I am very excited to share it with you all. Check out the artist https://twitter.com/isana_izanagi

I am still optimistic for the FPS that Allen Edwards of CCP London is working on and if elected, encourage transparency on the project. https://sperasoft.com/news/2020/12/sperasoft-unite-ccp-games-new-title/

I do not belong to any bloc, any alliance. My only agenda is too see the community grow, to see balance, and to try to be involved and encourage community engagement between players and CCP.

I’m a father, US Marine Combat Veteran, I work hard at my local hospital, which provides good hours and time off too talk to players and developers. In game I like to pvp casually, mission, and talk with the community.


Good luck in the race to come



Thank you Mike, will you be running?

I honestly do not know. Not burned out but family and health to consider.



Do you have any pets?

Two small dogs that my 1 year old daughter loves playing with.

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Visual representation of the above quote:



that cracked me up


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Good luck on your CSM candidature.

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I support this product and/or service.

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What FW changes do you have in mind to present to CCP?

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Personally, I’d like to see more npc enviroment like with the floseswine/Khanid npc actors, it seems to generate good content among the community, but more focused into the warzone.

I think it’s pretty healthy and entertaining.

Ias for mechanics, there are good suggestions in the faction warfare committee and I’d use that as submissions to make towards CCP.

I agree that it’s entertaining, I don’t think it is healthy. I am currently in the Min/Amarr War Zone and the number of Coercer bots is insane. It usually takes CCP several weeks to ban a bot, and then several more pop up right after.

It’s my experience that they are not bots. I use to think Amarr Strategic Capture was venture bots, but in truth they were just obnoxious venture pilots that plexed all the time and ran.

Maybe those venture pilots were real people but the Coercer bots that we see on both sides of the MIn/Amarr war are pretty clearly bots. They all have identical fits that are sub optimal and their reactions are very poor when engaged. They never even target players who catch them and if you catch after they jump from one system to another on a gate, they just sit there. After each wave is banned new ones show up and the process repeats.

I’m just saying, it’s entirely plausible for “no lifers” to not communicate with you and farm LP. It never changes the fact that if someone wanted to do it manually, they could. People warping out of plexes is extremely common. Short of having warp scramble/warp disruptor rats in the plex, there is no solution for what some might call cowards, and I believe that was an unpopular idea.

Well I am specifically talking about the ones that I know for sure are bots. How do I know? I reported them a few weeks ago and today I got emails from CCP thanking me for reporting bots that got banned.

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Well thank you for your diligence. I wish there was a solution too it all. I’m curious, because. I’ve never really bothered, do cloaked ships dcloak in the warp ring?

I don’t actually know. I do know that you can’t cloak up in the deadspace area around the plex. It isn’t exactly a problem for catching bots that you can’t sit cloaked by the acceleration gate. If you’re trying to catch one in a medium you can always use a combat recon as those don’t show up on D scan. People have floated around the idea of there being some sort of warp disruption bubble around the plex, but I personally don’t like that idea because then you can’t escape a gang if you’re plexing solo. While FW bots aren’t as important to CCP compared to the other bots, I do know that as a member of FW we find it very discouraging to try to out plex a character that never needs to sleep or go to work.

I will fight for you regardless if I am elected or not. I just imagine it will be easier as a member of the CSM!

*Edit, I updated the first part with some pictures and links

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