Matthew Dust for CSM 14 (Faction Warfare/Lowsec)

(Matthew Dust) #1

Some of you may know me, most of you do not.

My name is Matthew Dust, I run the Faction Warfare Committee with a few others, with the help of the CSM and Developers. In game, I’m just a CEO of a small corp in both FW and nullsec. I enjoy PVP and training new pilots. I really care about this game and the players in it. I’ve met 5 of the people I’ve played with and even met my Wife because of this game.

It’s no secret that FW is in a really bad state, so a DISCORD was created in hopes that we can work with the CSM and Developers towards bettering Faction Warfare. Regardless if I’m elected or not I would like candidates and elected people or just those interested in it to join so we can make Faction Warfare better.

If elected I plan to run a similar discord, with various members of Nullsec, Highsec, Wormhole, Lowsec, to help represent their gameplay so I may better communicate with the community and Developers. The reason I use discord as a platform? I know a lot of people feel the forums and reddit have become a meta-battleground, where individual voices are quickly downvoted and silenced by major entities. I believe that individual voices really matter, and those ideas while not perfect should be looked into to see if they would create a better New Eden. With proper criticism, you can take a flawed idea and find something that everyone agrees on.

I’m also a Dust veteran so I will be doing my best to get details on the Project Nova or at the very least push for transparency. I know a lot of that community was really let down by the failed alpha release.

I hope you will consider me for your vote or join the discord and share your viewpoints.

Thank you for your time.

(O2 jayjay) #2

This game is in a really bad state! It leaves me to wonder how one person can change a community of cancerous meta gamers? Ultimately, I support in removal of the CSM. Don’t forget what happened several weeks ago with a CSM member being accused because meta gaming. Anyways, We have a long and solid history together, so know you have my vote. I don’t think this is the right direction to seek a healthy change in the game. Politically speaking, I’m not sure you will be able to break thru what’s already established. Anyway, Good luck with your journey into the bottles pit of snakes.

Yours truly,
O2 JayJay

(Xuxe Xu) #3

FW needs work and has a lot of potential for EvE, so gl.

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(Rinai Vero) #4

I’ve been really impressed with the way you’ve conducted yourself with the FW Committee discord. Have definitely seen enough positive engagement and awareness of the issues to support your candidacy. FW / Lowsec definitely needs more dedicated representation.

(Matthew Dust) #5

Thank you. It was easy to bring the community together, despite what people say, it’s an extremely passionate group of people who mostly feel neglected by past CSM/CCP.

I would like to bridge the gap between CCP and players (all of them) in a very organized manner and avoid the downvoting/forum meta that is so prevalent today.

(Saint Michaels Soul) #6

You have my vote.

Matthew Dust is engaged in all of the key discussions on Discord and is an active pilot.

LS/FW needs representation and the more qualified candidates the better.

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(Matthew Dust) #7

I will do my best to represent all pilots equally, but I feel my expertise in Faction Warfare, my effort to unite the faction warfare community and work with the CSM, would be an asset to CCP regardless if elected or not, and I look forward to working with the CSM14 even if I am not elected, because Faction Warfare and Lowsec need a lot of Love, and the representation is sort of low.

—Edit. That said I have had pretty good experiences with a CSM member who I hope gets re-elected.