Matthew Dust for CSM 14 (Faction Warfare/Lowsec)

I’ve been really impressed with the way you’ve conducted yourself with the FW Committee discord. Have definitely seen enough positive engagement and awareness of the issues to support your candidacy. FW / Lowsec definitely needs more dedicated representation.


Thank you. It was easy to bring the community together, despite what people say, it’s an extremely passionate group of people who mostly feel neglected by past CSM/CCP.

I would like to bridge the gap between CCP and players (all of them) in a very organized manner and avoid the downvoting/forum meta that is so prevalent today.

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You have my vote.

Matthew Dust is engaged in all of the key discussions on Discord and is an active pilot.

LS/FW needs representation and the more qualified candidates the better.


I will do my best to represent all pilots equally, but I feel my expertise in Faction Warfare, my effort to unite the faction warfare community and work with the CSM, would be an asset to CCP regardless if elected or not, and I look forward to working with the CSM14 even if I am not elected, because Faction Warfare and Lowsec need a lot of Love, and the representation is sort of low.

—Edit. That said I have had pretty good experiences with a CSM member who I hope gets re-elected.

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Hey everyone I just wanted to say thank you all for your support and motivation, I appreciate the discord notifications, more importantly, thank you all for participating and being part of the discussion as I see this as the best way to move forward.

I am currently the ONLY Faction Warfare Candidate on the list, so please put me at the number one spot if you really want to see change come to Lowsec/FW community.


I didn’t know you were running.

You can imagine judging from what we have discussed plenty of times, not that long ago actually, this worries me a bit.

There is an entire chatroom labeled “CSM Candidates” in the Faction Warfare discord which you regularly chat in. There are a few other candidates in there. There is also a “Vote” channel where people can list their proposals to gain the support of the Community. Which are later presented to the CSM in
the “staff” channel. Some proposals have made it to the rough draft which I encourage all Candidates and Developers to look at

It shouldn’t worry you because you haven’t proposed anything via the method discussed in Faction Warfare Committee, and all the things proposed for the most part have received support from the community.

Filler for people who are reading: Dantelion has discussed his view that all citadels in FW must be aligned to a faction and if the system flips, they are all instantly destroyed without a single shot being fired on them.

I have strongly opposed this idea, among others, since citadels can be destroyed via existing methods. Not to mention it affects many entites outside of FW who regularly populate a rather empty lowsec.

Yeah, you see, EVERYTHING you just said worries me.

So that’s what you are going to be on the CSM, a complicated filter for the ideas you and people on your side like instead of a voice for players?

I sense the effort in you to be impartial and logical, but the problem I sense is that this is to fight a less impartial and logical streak.

Just so you know, your voting system can be easily exploited, I am really surprised that as an EVE player you don’t realize that. It is a faulty system and that you base all the communication of the FW committee on that instead of listening is very worrying.

To put it simply, so far I see no reason to back your candidacy, you are an invitation to invite a kind of bias into the CSM and I think that bias is a clear obstacle to the betterment of FW.

Well, there is only on FW candidate, who created the discord you use, who has opened dialogue with developers and existing CSM for FW change. I’ve taken the proposals of other players to the csm and rhe devs. If you would like to have your proposals included he are some suggestions:

Put it into the vote channel, gain the support of the faction warfare community, and have it included in with the other proposals


Bring your proposal up to the csm and developers yourself.

As for my personal campaign which I can only assume you seek to sabotage. So in seeking to sabotage my campaign:

Which of the proposals brought up by community members do you disagree with

  1. Ventures no able to dplex to discourage bottling and risk free gameplay.

  2. Default Overview fix.

  3. Npc giving objectives that drive both sides to the same system.

  4. Suspect flags for all who enter plexes

There are more, and you are free to propose your own, you have chosen not too.

You are also free to start your own community if you feel the one me and others have made is flawed.

Despite people asking me to just ban you in pms, I have not done such, you are free to make your proposals. Like everyone else, because I genuinely believe everyone’s voice matters, but it does need the support of the community to make a strong case to the developers.


Heyo, EVE Community. I would like to make a couple points here before this conversation gets entirely derailed by a bunch of pointless bickering

Concerning Matthew Dust:
I have flown with Matthew Dust; I have organized alliance logistics with him; I have had really good conversations about the state of the Lowsec Meta (especially FW) with him and with others through his FW Discord. While I do not 100% agree with all of his proposals, he has been very willing to listen, to consider evidence that others present, and to negotiate compromises among folks with different gaming styles, using his up-to-date knowledge of the EVE universe, politics, and balancing meta, while making almost everyone feel that their concerns have been noticed. These seem ideal characteristics to have in a CSM member, and as the XO of the largest corp in the largest FW alliance, I cannot recommend him highly enough for a position on the council of stellar management.

I would like to cast this perception in stark contrast to that of Dantelion, who has not been active in lowsec in over a year, who repeatedly makes false claims in the FW Discord that Matthew Dust established, who has repeatedly tried to derail this thread as he has many in the FW Discord, and who refuses to budge when his incorrect statements are disputed by wide swaths of the community who point out his errors in reasoning (and who resorts to childish ad hominem attacks when he is repeatedly proven wrong). I applaud the fact that Matthew Dust has an ear open to the entire community, but for folks just reading this and wondering what’s going on: Dantelion has repeatedly shown that he has no idea about anything happening right now in EVE (relying instead on outdated data and false preconceived notions), whereas Matthew Dust has been all over the place in EVE: Lowsec, null, hisec, Jspace, and abyssal space, and has managed his corporation both independently in lowsec and as part of an alliance in a major null coalition. If you are looking for a dude who knows this game, understands the struggles in stagnation that it faces, and is willing to listen to folks from all over and commiserate with what they’re going through because he too has been there and done that, Matthew Dust is a fantastic choice, and the only real choice for FW folks who want someone who is still rooted in the warzones and who will actively push for its betterment.


Thank you very much for your support. No matter who gets elected I’m confident the community we built will endure and friendships lasting.

I will ignore Alquimista_Blanco attempt to attack my character instead of my points. I relegated his points to the dust bin where they deserved to be and for that he is mad at me :100:

I will just say ask one thing of you @Matthew_Dust, can you name ONE advantage about my proposal?

Also, to be clear, what I am very worried about is that you will surround yourself with people whose ideas you like and ignore everyone else, that subtle hint you just gave Alquimista is telling and I fear that you will start that with Rinai and Wyrlith and Sterling who are already inbreded in their interests.

You should not be here to make friends, but to be a voice for players, even the ones you disagree with. And that mean re-transcribing the good things about what they say too.

I will be voting for Matthew Dust. :+1:

I surround myself with the faction warfare player base currently, as it was my mission before even running for CSM to bring them all together to make changes to FW.

You shouldn’t worry about specific players,

if anyone feels they have good ideas they should use the vote template provided for their proposal, community support is key in presenting a strong case to the Developers.

As for your proposal, clearly define it in the discord using the template.

I just want you to be able to name ONE thing that would be a good thing about my Proposal, and that without some kind of bureaucracy. Prove that you can listen to people without some kind of template.

I do not ask you to agree with it, but simply to be able to see the good in what people with different views than you or even the norm have to propose.

This is very much a test here. Are you able to understand the pros of mechanics you disagree with? I think this is a must for a CSM and you have an opportunity to show it here.

I’ll be happy to, please clarify your proposal in detail and it’s intended purpose here so I might not misconstrue anything.

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You’ll have my vote.

And as far as

Flaging all who enter who enter plexes as suspects. i personally would rather they be flaged as combatants.


Vote Matthew Dust; End the venture menace!!!


you have my vote.

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Hi Matthew, just want to say good luck on the campaign. I think it’s wonderful that you are supporting a niche part of the game that is often overlooked, even by highsec carebears like me.

Go get 'em.


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