Data Processing Skills

With all the new revamp and improvement in relation to data privacy, and how personal information can affect your well being and that of others in a fair society whose relation with others should be not only as equal as possible, but rather, equal enough to keep the equality fair enough, what skills do you have which can improve those policies, and what other parts than security of data are important to make the data gathering and data processing efficient enough to keep us safe from trouble.

Who are you asking here? CCP or other players?

Can you try to say what’s bothering you in one simple sentence?

I would say, in one sentence, Who are you asking here, CCP or other players, if you are not asking here, although you are asking here, simply put.

Thank you for letting me analyze you data processing skills.

The best thing to do is to draw a DFD and ERD to explain those who don’t understand to those who don’t understand why.

You’re just being rude now, mate.

I was asking you, not CCP. You created the thread and not CCP.

Yeah it was written you were doing it and tried to hold me liable for what you did after you did it to hold me liable to do it when you did .

War is bothering, however, it doesn’t have to be me, unless my data gathering skills proves to the contrary beyond any doubt or any other scientific possibility.

I just spend a lot of resources and efforts on this, and do get worst than bothered.
Windows is also not designed to work in war.

The thread is about data processing skills.
It not about inability to process data and lack of skills caused by attacks.

Sí fue escrito tu estabas haciendolo e intentaste hacerme responsable por lo que tú hiciste después de que lo hiciste para hacerme responsable de hacerlo cuando lo hiciste.

La guerra es preocupante, sin embargo, no tengo que ser yo, a no ser que mis habilidades de recolección de datos prueben lo contrario más allá de toda duda u otra posibilidad científica.

Hmm… no, it doesn’t makes sense neither after translating it to my language. :thinking:

Maybe you need a better translator.
I’m sure I can translate that without any problems.
Natural languages are easy and military police can detect conflicts from social groups they protect and are paid to do so.

It also goes when all they communicate are problems, and they lose opportunity to function properly.

Anyways, I got to go. 2 more incursions sites and I get 2 billion liquid ISK besides the other assets and potential assets, like Loyalty Points.

Scientific proof is related technical feasibility, as legal feasibility may or may not include science, or to varying degree.
The same goes for operational feasibility.
Just because a system is operational because “people like it” without any valid scientific ground or legal support, surely won’t mean the data would be safe, and procedures in place would be ethical, or even more so that those procedures ethics would be valid for the goals mentioned and objectives, since, if the ethics are no good, then the same problem would occur.

Sure, the parties related to those ethical matter would still claim benefit for the work, despite of if they actively create conflicts rather than creating data to be stolen and so on (such as creating conflict to try to solve conflicts).

One thing is for certain, I have review the details of these new policies and rules in regards to data privacy, and personal data (by the way, personal data, means government related data and information, which, they in fact, provide), and the protection thereof and how the processing of those has to be done safely enough to make sure that abuse do not occur.

Like for instance, suppose I was to use data to process it to make it appear as rude when it is not, so to gain an unfair advantage by creating a false sense of competition, and an illegal system of competition.
Suppose I did not.




This has to be the most utterly incoherent SJW thread I’ve ever seen on this forum…


I think he’s performing some kind of experiment on us, but fails to see that it has turned him into a troll at the same time.


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For in case you wonder if those systems work with military application, maybe you should not worry so much…

Here is an article on processing of natural languages and
by one of the same authors as above…

Systems Analysis and Design Methods - ACM Digital Library
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Assists in the design and development of electronic data processing systems and … One year of experience in the analysis of operating practices, methods, and …

I hope you can find a book on “how to make a point”, because this book isn’t teaching you it.


It would be easier for me to make one book called “how to make a point”
and to make it and write it on “how to make a point”.
Because this book ain’t teaching you it.
I would put a clause at the beginning of the book to write in your honor , which , sadly would go on to show the merit of the book, in relation to the merit you have in regards to this.
I do so happen to work on this for 25 years and I’m offered a master’s degree there.
Are you in the same university?
They offer government work in Hawaii with the same skill set.

I don’t think I ever had you as teacher.
You seem more like a saboteur to me.

I have 2 cases against the copyright office during a court case.
They argued I didn’t include a program in my content for registration and also that I didn’t include arts when I did .
I should record the actual video of the creation of the art images.
I now have to register copyright about that copyright registration interference in another country before I can deal with them again, because they attacked my case and it’s with the US Army.

Start with making a point, not an entire book.

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The point is not the entire book.
It’s about how data processing skills are related to the changes for security on how companies stores data on customers.

If you read between the lines, you will also find that lack of those skills can lead to fines, in regards to mischief endangering military bases.

And how are they related?

They are related in more than one way.
For instance, one case with billions of dollars which the plaintiff seek in regards to the moral and ethics of those systems, their design, goals, and other research.

I was going to say something else about Natural Language, and how they are processed even though it was not the main point .
It was something either you or someone else brought up.
I however read it is also used for security and a more important part of business.

It is also related to the same system about data privacy, and how user data are being used to be sold to those professionals.

Go on, I’m listening.