Frustrating and unfair

Why some people take 1 mil skills free for a unjust program and some , like me ,who come directly to EVE website, get S.H.I.T. and few months to make same 1 mil skill points!!! I’m not a begger and i realy hate to write this being forced into this situation , but is a realy frustrating and an unfair situation. I come to EVE only 2 weeks ago, being a old space fan and knowing that EVE is a game that has evolved far beyond any game in almost the entire gaming space related market . I dont think marketing should be unfair, specialy for the new clients. Thank you for your time and attention!


Send an invite to yourself and get the million SP on a new acct. Or whatever it is the Kool Kids are doing to game the system these days.

I’m sure there are detailed walkthroughs for it somewhere.

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I will never do that, i’m not a begger, i just write this problem for the oficials to realise the mistake. I’m sure many people give up cos this problem too. I will no give up cos i realy love it and is extremly hard for a noob at least, but some players will deff quit realy fast.

  1. It’s not begging.
  2. I’m not going to attempt to explain the nuance of the English language to someone that barely speaks it.

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You should. Its great for filling out a corp and do it enough times, you get some swank too.

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I understand your nuance and is not mine… mate, you try to atack me but this is realy not what i’m looking for. You say that is easy to look and try to lie or bypass the system . I talk about a real problem for an adult who want to play a fair game and not being extremly frustrated because he wait 10 days for drone V for ex. and some are way far. Just saying…you dont need to understand. This kind of thinking clearly is not for you. Its only about fairness…nothing else. I hope you are not ofended and sorry if my english is bad.

I was attempting to help you.

But… vOv

You do you.

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It’s not bypassing any system, the rules of the game says you may.
It’s not begging either, it’s a gift from CCP, you’d be silly not to use it. Game is hard enough, no?

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It’s only been 2 weeks. Assuming you’re still alpha, just roll a new account with a referral link, and contract your old character’s stuff to your new one. Profit.

If you’re omega, will, IDK. It’s only 1 million SP, so a monthish of training. I’ve been playing EVE for 12 years, a month is nothing.


I kind of agree with the OP. Anyone coming into the game without prior knowledge of the referral program gets shafted. In fact, there are two issues with the referral program: not knowing about it to take advantage of it when you start, and not knowing to keep that free SP in the redemption queue (it never expires), because if you redeem it, it will count against your free Alpha training.

Every time I speak to potential players, I explain these two things in detail, but I shouldn’t have to. Leave it to CCP to make features needlessly convoluted.


I would also like it if people could retroactively redeem it too. I don’t see why not.


It wasn’t such a big deal back when 1 mil SP was $5. Now it is more like $30, which makes it seem worse. Still, CCP is unlikely to change this. What do they care?

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If anything, they’ll probably change the rewards to shitty skins or their new temporary boosters just to not cut into their profits.

Roll your needed alts today, people.

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If an apartment complex offers a 100 dollar move in special, does that mean that their existing tenants got screwed (especially if it’s a place that those tenants enjoy living at)?

I don’t know man. It’s an incentive designed to drive recruitment, and I’m not sure how anyone can feel entitled to it. No one failed to receive anything that they paid for or earned. I mean, not getting free stuff is an “awe shucks” moment. But he certainly didn’t get screwed.

P.S. I started playing right before the starting skills got bumped up from like 50k to 400k. CCP gave around 350k unallocated SP to every player that had joined in the previous 2 weeks, but I missed that window by like 2 days. I also did not receive any bonus recruitment SP because that incentive didn’t exist when I joined.

Oh, and to OP, that 1 million SP really isn’t that big of a deal. I mean, it most certainly has value (especially if you knew where to “spend” it), but it’s like giving 100 dollars to a 5 year old and expecting them to invest it wisely. Not only will your understanding of game will be evolving rapidly over these first few months, but there’s an extremely good chance that you’ll change careers and activities as you learn more about what Eve has to offer.

Regardless, check out my series on all things SP related if you want to learn more about how to pack on SP quickly.


Kind of an apples-to-oranges comparison.

I’m not really seeing why they need to tie such a heavy reward to the person being recruited. To the recruiter? Sure. But this just doesn’t make sense. It’s kind of like saying that if you don’t watch EVE Twitch streams or whatever and see an ad for the game and click the link, you’re worth less as a customer. Is a person who merely browsed Steam for a multiplayer space game to play, saw EVE and thought that it looked cool, and started playing it, worth less than someone who got recruited by a referral spammer? I don’t think so.


Taking it a step further: the game is already challenging without a pre-existing social circle that would have referred the new player. Now the new player without the social circle is also given a direct in-game skill point handicap vs players who have that social circle.

The commonly given solution of ‘just refer yourself and contract everything over’ isn’t intuitive (since most games don’t allow that kind of thing), and also discards any non-asset progress the player has made, which isn’t a positive new player experience.

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Of course not. But you do bring up a good question -why do they give such a big bonus to the recruited? I suppose some bonus would be in order, as it would incentivize recruits to use recruitment links, so that the recruiters could get rewarded and stay sufficiently motivated. But the old 250k bonus probably achieved that. So why the 1 million SP bonus that would take the average alpha like 6 weeks to train? Well, I can’t say for certain, but it could be possible that they’re trying to incentivize players to create a second account.

Yeah, come to think of it, they nerfed the recruiter bonus twice, and buffed the recruit bonus twice. Hmm, methinks they have a reason for doubling down on the change. Also, if anyone has a right to complain here, it’s the recruiters. I used to get 500 plex for a recruit. Now I get 400 million isk worth of accelerators. DAMN YOU CCP!!! So unfair!!! For real though, I actually don’t know how most games handle recruitment, so I don’t know if Eve’s program is stingy or generous when compared with the rest of the industry.

What a sad day. Here I wanted to give you 1 M SP if you will write: “I beg you Nana, give me that sweet thing I desire :pray:” and I could have gave you 1 M SP with pleasure.


This thread is a bunch of baloney. If as a new player you hang around the Rookie channel, you watch some “how to get started in EVE” YouTube’s or join a corp/read the corp recruitment spam then you would have known about this. That’s how I learned of it.

This is just a case of a lazy player, unwilling to put in a slight effort to learn, read and interact. “Why am I not being rewarded for being lazy!? This is unfair!!”.


good comment, thank you

Mate you are not right… i just see a video about eve, i love it, i instal the game and start playing. You look for internet before instal a game’’ how i need to start a game to not be a parrot or alot weaker then the rest?’’ before you start playing a game? i realy dont think so. This thread is about fairness, eguality and equal chances , when starting a new game…from the player point of view. p.s. i’m not an existing tenant, i’m a new player who come directly to eve website. ( Shipwreck Jones)