I'm a Space Hobo

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I thought I saw where you were going with this and I was laughing along until I realized you seriously have an issue with it.

I did too, at one time. However, I have come to see it as an even more authentic reflection of real world capitalism. What you call pay-to-win is technically fair, because you are skilling up via money, but I love that it presents as the absolute inequality of capitalism without any of the actual in-game consequence.

I love you space hobo, keep bumming around in the game and actually playing your role, and you will rapidly outclass those who pay-to-win, but play the game so sparsely that they’re losers on three fronts: in-game ISK, real world money, and in-game mediocrity.

Imagine skilling up just to gain an edge on people who you don’t see anyway because you don’t have to play the game to get better. Nevermind that you don’t know how to use them, because on paper you have “skills.”

Embrace change. Stand by the ancient freeways over which cars now fly. Some of us still occasionally look down.

I see you, space hobo.

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Uh if you think skills are expensive, you arent a hobo, you are just extremely lazy.


That’s the point. Ayn Rand in space. It requires a certain padding of irony, or else sociopathy, or else a love for UI based games.

Mainly though, it requires that you not take everything so seriously.

Humanity is mediocre.
No matter how much time passes, Greed, Racism and Inequalities remain strong.
They use the word “Civilized” but that’s putting lipstick on a hog. We are not civilized. We’re only barbarians with technology.
And it makes sense that EVE is that way because things only go from bad to worse. Imagine what it would be like in a few thousand years. I bet Slavery would be legalized and Murder busted down to a misdemeanor.


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Lazy and a weak stomach.

Of course your attitude isnt one of a nice person, so maybeId be the one puking on you.

Have you tried not being lazy?


Thats optimistic of you lol

Ew no. EvE has at least a certain logic.

It also doesnt say state benefits = bad while receiving state benefits.

I’m a realist. I face things head-on, I don’t delude myself and believe things because they’re coated with fancy words.

From what I’m understanding, you’re saying that i shouldn’t have to pay a large sum of money for say, a skillbook that would safely tell me how to operate a large battleship with crew, heavy amounts of weaponry, and all the other know how to make a vessel of that size move. Is this correct?

Good suggestion.
Skills shouldn’t be for sale. This whole game feels like a gotcha. And they wonder why new players don’t stay, pfff

Before you could buy and inject the skills for a higher price, you actually had to travel to get the skillbook, perhaps several jumps away, or back to a school system, then inject it.

I look at it like this. You used to have to drive to books a million or walden or similar, to buy a book, now you can just download a book into your phone or other device.

Skills are the same way in eve.

Yes. EVE is a game, and in games they give you ways to generate currency, and mechanisms to spend that currency on to improve your character. That’s what the vast majority of them are built around.

Try the career agents. They give some skillbooks for free, and also give you more than enough cash to buy they ones you need to get started. They also give you better ships than your starter ship.

Yes there’s a lot of skills and some of them are expensive, but you don’t need them all to start. The ones you need are very easily affordable.

As for the cost of training, feel free to contact MIT and ask them how much it’ll cost to train you to operate and repair spaceships. I suspect the answer won’t be ‘cheap’.


The only skillbook you’ll ever need:


It is a mission item but probably there are a couple on the contract market though not sure if they sell it that cheap. :thinking:

If you want a mildly-expensive (for a rookie) try:

Base price: 30 mil. :slight_smile:

Yes. EVE is more grindy than shooty. Skills, ships, ISK, resources… even locating and flying to the things you want to do - all somewhat grindy.

Some players react to this by deciding they’ll let someone else do the grinding and then relieve them of their efforts at gunpoint.

But there’s a fair bit of grind to that approach, too.

So you want all your skills for free and don’t want to play the game to advance your character?

I’ve seen some low effort trolling before but this takes the cake LOL.


Where you been??

The “store” as you call it is also a convenience to players not based in hisec, who do not mind paying the surcharge of 30%. Cheapest option is to buy the books on the market. Use a site like https://evemarketer.com/ to locate some of them. Specialized ones may also come from LP stores, as rare drops in out of the way places, and then there’s a whole bunch that come as rewards from running the AIR career tracks (I suggest you do those, or you will end up having several copies of the same skillbook you already bought with isk…).

Part of the “isk faucets” vs. “isk sinks” system that is necessary to control the ingame economy.

To speed up your earnings from mission running, invest in the corresponding skills of the Social category (standing increase, LP and bounty payouts). You will be able to earn that investment back quickly, and get access to agents of higher level, with better payouts.

grind-grind to go pew-pew, that’s how it works here.

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