Dawn Of Liberation Event Feedback Thread


(Arrendis) #17

Which should not be the case.

(Joshua Otsolen) #18

I like what you have done … about 600 points into the event and the mix of the hacking and combat is great and the rewards have been good to me so far.

Thanks for putting this one together.

(Dyver Phycad) #19

A part of the even that gives 0 Points? Have you not learned anything from the Grand Prix event?

(Whitehound) #20

Loving it. Did 850 points on the first day in 11 hours.

The drop rate for the +12 accelerators are extremely low though. Found only 2 in those 11 hours.

(Dyver Phycad) #21

I like that you don’t have to move around. You can just stay in a quiet system and wait for the sites to spawn. Very nice.

(Arrendis) #22

Also, totally minor point, but…

You had to know this was in the planning stages. One of the drops from this event is a TLF recruitment poster. Why not get the community to produce it, so the TLF recruitment poster could have more than a white page graphic and some lines of slogans in the description?

Something to consider for the future.

(Rapscallion Jones) #23


Honestly, if this were a persistent thing, that could be even better. I mean, the Republic should be trying to do this all the time. Minmatar capsuleers (and anyone else taking missions from Matari agents) have been actively fighting slave-raids for over a decade.


There could be variations on this across all four empires. Gallente tourists and/or exotic dancers need rescuing, Amarr slavers/slaver hounds need to get inside Minmatar stations discretely, Caldari troops/spies need to infiltrate Gallente stations.

These ‘cattle’ have been accumulating in my hangers for nearly a decade, it’s time they be given proper homes.

(Sharcy) #24

Is there an Extended accelerator in the Gold container?

(Sharcy) #25

Well us Caldari are all about profit, so if you want us to make an extra effort in saving those whining slaves, better tell the CCPowers That Be to make it worth our while, like buy orders for the freed slaves and bonus points if we deliver them to the hauler instead of jettisoning them. I mean, free is free, right? Nobody said anything about where they need to go next.

(Dyver Phycad) #26

Completely irrelevant and meaningless: Star Cakes are back. =) (at least in icon, if not in name)

(Tipa Riot) #27

Mine was in the silver crate. Not reached gold yet.

(Colinde's) #28

Typical Caldari response.

(great phobos) #29

Hi All
Yea there is nev event I will try. I read this is transport event we must transport slaves.
I open the agency and click Dawn of Liberation event Windows, but nothing is to click o it.
So I pickup ity5 and jump 22 sec to ammar space, maybe there will be something in agency windows.
Then again open agency click event window and still f…g nothing.
Why there is no connection between event and this sites? (if I click event they should blinking All sites connected to this event)
Why the f…g there is no info about the specific of this event?
They should be info In agency on this event Windows:

  4. ETC….

Comon CCP lern……………
You will not gather more players by this actions
You got prety flashy sites about this event but nothing specific on it, no useful information

(Cletus Graeme) #30

I’d agree with most of your comments but I don’t think this event is meant to be profitable. Rather it’s tied into the lore. You get to try something different in terms of game mechanics and are rewarded with some unusual loot but it’s not intended to be a farmable ISK maker (at least, I hope not!) which is why it gets tedious over time.

As others have pointed out, from a backstory perspective this should really be an ongoing activity rather than a “one off” so this event should ideally serve as a beta test of this content which CCP should use to improve future iterations. Then they can make these sites require probing to locate, have them spawn randomly in Amarr space a few times every day, populate them with tougher NPCs and provide better loot (ISK wise) to reward the additional effort required to complete them.

EDIT 1: There are indeed too many slaves in too many containers at each site and it takes too long for spawns to appear, which makes the event mostly repetitive hacking with a little trivial NPC ratting. Both the hacking and the spawns should get significantly more difficult with each success to convey a feeling of progress but also challenge. A sliding scale of increasing difficulty would allow the easier hacks/spawns to be completed in a frigate/cruiser/bs by a solo player (equivalent to lvl 1-4 missions) while the hardest require teamwork including logistics and EW, making them similar to lvl 5 missions, Anomic Burners and Incursions.

EDIT 2: As my feedback seems overly negative I’d like to add that I commend CCP for trying to provide more solo PvE content tied to the in-game lore via Events such as this and I recognise that getting them right requires “trial and error”. However, please consider making more PvE content for small gangs (i.e. 2-6 people) rather than just solo content as this is an MMO after all so players should be encouraged to co-operate rather than just either ignoring or competing with each other. (Lvl 5s and Incursions are examples of this but we need more!")

EDIT 3: I just thought of something that will help with the excess slaves. Instead of requiring the transport to be full before it warps away, specify a MINIMUM number of freed slaves to place in it’s cargo, so that players can add 400 OR MORE slaves, upto the size of the cargo bay. The transport would still warp once 400 have been added but a player can add a stack of 400-4000 depending on the transport. Something like this or alternatively having every successful hack trigger a spawn should ensure players don’t accumulate lots of extra slaves.

(Whitehound) #31

There should be one with 5 days +10 in there. But +12 only drop from BS and are extremely rare.

After 1690 points and 22 hours still only two of the +12.

I’d say it’s only worth doing up to 800 points for the extra rewards, but everything thereafter is a joyless grind.

(Leah Crowleymass) #32


I know there have been some loot table tweaks a couple of days into the past events. Lore or no, that’s simply not enough to spend the time away from doing other more enjoyable and less clicky things…

(Sharcy) #33

Do you need to keep hacking the cans to trigger spawns? Of will they appear anyway? Would be nice if there was the occasional valuable drop in the cans too. Didn’t get Hacking V for nothing.

(Whitehound) #34

Each successful hack can trigger a spawn. Doesn’t have to, but that’s the trigger. Best you ask for details in-game in the Event chat. There people will tell you anything you need to know.

(Leah Crowleymass) #35

My experience is that you need to successfully hack a can to get a spawn. Each site can produce up to two spawns (that I’ve seen, anyway). Not every can will produce a spawn.

That means that there is a whoooooooole lot of hacking for not a lot of payoff.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that the hacking element was added to the event- it adds some great texture to the sites and makes for some interesting competition dynamics (and plenty of rage at times), but the amount of hacking to fighting/loot seems unbalanced to me.

(Veryez) #36

So where are these events? I checked in the agency and apparently there’s none in metro? Are they only in Amarr space (the event page leads me to believe that). What ship is required/preferred? I’m not looking forward to 20+ jumps, to find out I needed a different ship…